WELCOME TO A NEW SERIES CALLED STORYTIME: REAL EXPERIENCES SHARED & WRITTEN BY PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. Before we jump into our first story; here's some background ...  I encourage everyone in my life to write more. It's therapeutic, reflective, and increases awareness. I created Storytime so my inner circle could utilize Mindfully Sarah to share … Continue reading STORYTIME: BREAST REDUCTION (GUEST POST)


Sooooooo, I took an un-planned month off from my usual routine (talk about an obvious self-sabotage moment.) Work has been unbearably busy, family emergencies, constant travel; the focus on other things have revved up all the cravings that led to my unhealthy lifestyle originally. I have been saying for months, ‘Monday I’m going to get serious’ … Continue reading NEW BEGINNINGS


Goodbye March: Another 2018 month, flying by! Can you believe it's already April? And very surprisingly, it's currently SNOWING here in New York. I arrived home yesterday morning from spending the most AMAZING week in Japan. The jetlag from a 14-hour flight + 13 hour time difference is OH SO REAL. While I am overwhelmingly grateful … Continue reading HELLO APRIL: MONTHLY REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS