GOODBYE APRIL  April was a rollercoaster for "seasonal moods" for us East Coasters. What started out as cold, dreery, and wet; FINALLY made the switch to warm, breezy, and sunny. I've never realized it before, but my mood is immensely altered by the weather. Spring is what gets me feeling alive & energized. My absolute favorite weather … Continue reading HELLO MAY: MONTHLY REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS


Goodbye January: Reflecting on the first month of 2018, I realized I've had an extremely productive month with lots of small wins! Happy to say I'm proud of what I've accomplished in the past four weeks, regardless of the unavoidable rough patches: I kicked off my Reboot & Reset, reached out to old friends, spent time with … Continue reading HELLO FEBRUARY: MONTHLY REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS

Cultivating Confidence in the Workplace

Last week, something out of the ordinary, but pretty awesome happened. I was approached four times by completely different individuals, who expressed similar observations & questions about my career. They were impressed with my confidence at work, positive attitude, ability to clearly state my opinion, and take constructive criticism without letting emotions get in the … Continue reading Cultivating Confidence in the Workplace