Let me start by saying, yoga is completely out of my wheel house AND my comfort zone. I was initially intimidated by trying yoga. I’ve only been exposed to it through the social media influencer lens – unnatural postures? complicated twists & turns? beautiful beaches? perfect toned bodies? ‘No way, I thought, I don’t have … Continue reading YOGA: MY FIRST 30 DAYS


Well, the title says it all. I’ve gained weight. To be exact, around 40 pounds in one year. And it’s forced me to face some crippling insecurities and deeper issues that desperately need to be unleashed. I lived in my smaller body for three years. While my motivation to lose weight originated from wanting to … Continue reading I’VE GAINED WEIGHT & I’M OKAY

Did I Succeed? Weekend Recap & PSA to Quiet the Diet Talk

Happy Tuesday friends! If you read my post from Friday, Planning For Success, you knew I had a pretty jammed packed weekend consisting of a lot of tricky obstacles. Overall, I would call it a success! I went in confident, alert, & prepared for unexpected moments to happen. Friday night was the law school graduation … Continue reading Did I Succeed? Weekend Recap & PSA to Quiet the Diet Talk