Goodbye 2017: WE MADE IT! 2017 was an interesting year for me. My word of 2017 was AWARENESS; awareness of my stress levels, true happiness, qualities I’m attracted too, amount of negative self-talk, unconscious judgments, etc. Read more about ditching Resolutions & instead choosing a Word Of The Year here. 2017 REFLECTIONS & LEARNINGS: Lifestyle: I learned … Continue reading HELLO 2018: 2017 REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS

Changing Your Perspective: Comparison

As a millennial woman, I know the comparison game very well. Most of us put on some type of persona when out in public and ESPECIALLY on social media. I'm definitely guilty of scrolling through peers and influencers profiles. I would ask myself: How are they living this lavish life full of materialistic things, travel, perfect … Continue reading Changing Your Perspective: Comparison

Cultivating Confidence in the Workplace

Last week, something out of the ordinary, but pretty awesome happened. I was approached four times by completely different individuals, who expressed similar observations & questions about my career. They were impressed with my confidence at work, positive attitude, ability to clearly state my opinion, and take constructive criticism without letting emotions get in the … Continue reading Cultivating Confidence in the Workplace