We all know an accessory can turn any look from boring and bland to cute and chic! While we could dream for a celebrity's closet fill of endless accessories; that just isn't going to cut it in my mini NY apartment. These are the accessories I reach for on a weekly, if not daily occurrence. … Continue reading MY FAVORITES: ACCESSORIES


Gimme all the things!! While some may categorize these things as decor, knikknacks; I like to call them chachkas, a Yittish word referring to a small miscellaneous trinket. While I was decluttering my room last week (can read about that here) I realized I had some really great chachkas. While they're not at all necessary, … Continue reading MY FAVORITES: KNICKKNACKS


Everyday we face obstacles: bad weather, unexpected projects, finances, difficult conversations, etc. And sometimes we just need to refresh, refocus, & re-energize QUICKLY. What I've found works best is finding actions that intentionally shift my mood. Training our thoughts to always think positive is hard; especially on the days where nothing is going right. Our … Continue reading MY FAVORITE: MOOD BOOSTERS


I admittedly spend way way too much time on Instagram. I love it! In my last Favorites Series post, I told you guys about my favorite Influencers. These woman are positive, strong, powerful, confident, vulnerable, and truthful! Today I'm coming back with my favorite Instagram accounts from ELEVEN categories: Fashion, Humor, Wellness, Celebrities, Human Connection, … Continue reading MY FAVORITE: INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS