A twenties-something, Type-A, spiritual, adventurous, gal attempting to live an exciting and fulfilled life in New York City.

I want this to be a place of growth and open communication. Hopefully my posts will help you, along with myself, gain insight and recognizing patterns to help set ourselves up for a successful future. So please JOIN ME, DIVE IN and don’t be afraid to shoot me a note & request to follow @embracemylight on Instagram! Would love to connect with you!

🌟 10 facts about me: 🌟

  1. My Myers-Briggs type is ENFJ ✨
  2. I’m a Marketing Manager based in NYC working for a retail company. My work is focused on print, digital, in-store, TV & outdoor marketing. Before entering into the real world, I earned my BS in Boston where I studied Marketing & Information Technology
  3. My Love Language is Quality Time
  4. I have 1.5 tattoos (the .5 is for the one on my wrist that I’m getting removed)
  5. I dance around my apartment alone, some of my best memories as a child are with my parents dancing around the living room to Spice Girls & Frank Sinatra.
  6. My taste in music varies on how I’m feeling. I can get down with Cardi B and Kendrick or get lost with Sara Bareilles & Dave Matthews Band
  7. I have a deep desire to travel more (already been to over 25 countries) and gain knowledge through experience!
  8. In the last few years, I’ve become a very tidy person. I can’t concentrate if my apartment or desk is cluttered.
  9. I am an extrovert & introvert depending on the situation/or how I feel. I’m very social, but when I have free time prefer to spend my days at home.
  10. My lucky number is 4, and when I’m on planes I only sit in rows that’re multiples of 4.



One thought on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Sarah,
    My name is Jes. My blog is ForTheLotusToBlossom.wordpress
    Just showing some love on your page! I love what you have done with it!


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