30 more days of 2019. WOWZA. December has to be one of my favorite months because of all the sparkly lights, festivities, & joy. But as an introverted-extrovert & someone who struggles with anxiety, December/the holidays can be a little overwhelming. While SO fun, also draining.


My intentions this month are focused on making this a great end to 2019. I don’t want to be too concerned about how things are going to happen & develop, just show up in alignment with my intentions and hope the results will follow.

from the Artechouse exhibit in Chelsea Market in NYC



No More Secrets: This came up with my therapist this week; I need to continue talking about the tough parts of my life instead of shoving them away. It’s highly therapeutic for me to be vulnerable & talk out my feelings with friends, family, my therapist, etc. It helps me free my mind & recognize pain I am wrestling with. It allows me to leave it all there in the open whenever It’s better to share your emotions then bottling them in.

“Grounding”: I’ve been doing this grounding technique whenever I feel overwhelmed. I do this by planting my feet flat on the ground and pushing down with the balls and heels. The Earth’s resistance & energy can help you pull you back to the present moment & release some stress, anxiety & excess of energy. Weather permitting, you will always see me barefoot when I can be haha.



Be Purposeful with my Decisions: Especially since we’re in one of the busiest months of the year, I want to be very intentional about the choices I’m making whether it be social plans, promises, work hours, etc. Maintaining my boundaries & healthy habits will help my anxiety so I can be present & enjoy myself.

Look Around & Feel Gratitude:  This ties to the first intention, but instead of being anxious I really want to be present. I hope to look at the people around me and just be still – not feeling like I need to be the center of the party, or have a drink in my hand, or even be talking to anyone! Feel only gratitude. Try not to focus on just the things that take up too much mental space when there is so much good stuff happening.



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