Why hello there, holiday season! With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we’re officially in full-blown holiday mode! Obviously this holiday is all about reflecting & thinking about what we are grateful for. But when you’ve had a hard season, it’s not easy!

If you’re having trouble figuring out what you’re thankful & grateful for this year, start small. Just recognize & acknowledge the things around you. Or use my list below to inspire you! Just remember – the little things in life aren’t always so little, if only we stop and be thankful of them, I promise it can bring some happiness.


I am thankful for …

I am thankful for … the sticky times from this past year. It’s through these times I’ve dug deep, done the work & watched myself grow. It is through the uncomfortable moments I’ve learned new ways to love myself & be more of who I really am.

I am thankful for … the people I surround myself with. I’ve learned it’s okay to go separate ways, or grow apart. I value & want to keep around those who self-reflect,

I am thankful for … my warm comfortable apartment. My oasis after a long day. A space to rest and restore.

I am thankful for … time management & the ability to say “NO”. This year I really looked at my priorities & where I want to spend my time. I now experience feelings of happiness & excitement when thinking about upcoming social activities. An amazing contrast the past where these events would stir fear and anxiety and often have me canceling and isolating.

I am thankful for … this blog! It’s a creative outlet that gives me the ability to spread positivity, vent, and relate to people I may never get to meet.

I am thankful for … a good night’s sleep. This year sleep has nurtured & healed me, especially when I was going through a rocky time. It was a way I consciously quieted my conscious mind and allowed my mind/body to do its thing without the obstructions of my waking money brain.

I am thankful for … my willingness to try new things. My curiosity has turned into unexpected gifts of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

I am thankful for … noticing new things about the city I live in. I have lived in the same apartment for over 5 years and walked up and down this block countless times, yet never before noticed how beautiful the sun looks as it glistens on the apartment window sills. Or the kitten that sits in the window & stares at everyone.

I am thankful for … my love of cooking. Nourishing to fuel my body and give me the energy to be in this life and this day.

I am thankful … for my job & co-workers. They make me feel valued, appreciated & treat me with respect.

I am thankful … for my sense of humor, the ability to not take myself so seriously and play with and share the ebb and flow of who I am.

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