Something I’ve realized in the last few weeks is I struggle with giving myself self-compassion. For my friends, families & strangers? EASY. Myself? Very difficult. My therapist recommended writing a letter to myself where I show myself some self-compassion. Let me know if you try writing one to yourself & don’t forget to join me on insta @embracemylight!

Hi Sarah! Good morning – you got out of bed! Here we are! You did it! You’ve survived every day up to now- bumps & bruises included. So do yourself a favor – start the day with a deep breath, a big smile & a standing-fucking-ovation because you’ve somehow managed to make it here through it all! BRAVO.

Imagine if you started everyday allowing yourself to be fully & authentically YOU! Lay down the mean words, the negative thoughts, throw away that scale and stake your claim in living your life according to your needs, wants, and rules. It is possible to step into work, social situations & new experiences with the feeling of empowerment & joy as you reveal your true, kind, funny & smart self.

Imagine letting go of all the versions of yourself that you’ve become to please others.

Imagine freeing the raw emotions you’ve never released for fear of shame & judgement.

Imagine the freedom in loving the person you are and not worrying about what others think.

Trust that this truce you’re making with yourself will lead you to a new mindset so the war you’ve been in for so long can maybe even come to end. ⁠

What an amazing time to shine.


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