Um. Is it just me, or is 2019 slipping through our fingers FAST. It’s like I blinked 7 months, 212 days, 5,088 hours & 305,280 minutes happened in an instant!

Not only are we in my birthday month & Leo season; but we are out of Mercury being in retrograde! Now guys, I’ve never been convinced into believing these spiritual occurrences. While I thoroughly enjoy throwing shade & blame towards Mercury as the reasons for all of my problems; I need facts & science to be a believer.

HOWEVER, the Mercury Retrograde period was July 7-August 2 and I had a lot of crazy shit go down. Wacky, weird, out of the ordinary stuff: ex-boyfriend reached out, refrigerator broke, constantly forgetful, made regretful purchases (just clothes, don’t worry) & work drama!

And three days into August, things have surprisingly settled down a little bit. Not only that, but I have a new job, my energy is higher & I feel compelled to have more FUN. I am a Leo at heart & we love to be seen, have fun, be creative and loving. We take ownership of who we are & what we want in life. So, while I’m writing this months intentions, I definitely want to channel those Leo-esque feelings.



As I said above, July was wonky but overall a good learning opportunity. I’ve been trying to pay attention to the way I respond to the ebbs & flows of life: work, friends, canceled plans, when I forget something, aches, the weather. If my initial reaction is negative, I am trying to make small adjustments toward acceptance & being opportunistic.


2018 was HORRIBLE, but I needed it. I reinvented this blog a few months ago because I couldn’t bear having ‘Mindfully Sarah’ hanging over me. I used that platform during (what I thought was) the best years of my life. Then 2018 came in like a tidal wave. I hit my rock bottom in almost every way imaginable. And long story short, I’ve realized I needed that in order to be my authentic self. I needed to be striped down to the rawest of raw emotions to reveal my dysfunctional, unsustainable lifestyle and question if this is ME. I am grateful for clawing through last year determined to find a speckle of light on the other end. I feel on track now & I have never felt more authentic in my life.

Continued Yoga throughout the month, tried Y7 Hot Yoga, spent a weekend taking care of my parents my pup Cori & got to go to my favorite restaurant in the city! 



Have fun: I’m going to Seattle in a few weeks to visit both my sister & friend who are out on the West Coast. I haven’t taken ONE SINGLE vacation day this year (literally nuts) and I am craving a release of ‘real life.’ Life is so much more enjoyable when I am able to let go of expectations, loosen up, laugh, and let go.

Build Financial Strength: I read a blog once that said, “your spending aligns with your values.” I didn’t think about it up until now when looking at my monthly credit card bill & thinking, “damn, I have expensive values” while crying internally (lol). A few years ago, I think my values were primarily social. I was spending my money on weekend trips, activities & cocktails. Nothing wrong with that, but my primary goal today is growth & improvement where I choose to spend my money on therapy, my medication, & yoga. And let me tell you, an hour therapy session is a lot more expensive than a glass of pinot. The point I’m trying to get at is, I want to get to a place where money is a positive force in my life. I know there’s some resistance to change my current lifestyle, because every time I try to sit down to watch a YouTube video or learn, I procrastinate & distract myself. However, this is something that’s very important to me & I am ready to set some time aside & do the work.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 1.01.33 AM.png


What are you looking forward to in August?


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