Let me start by saying, yoga is completely out of my wheel house AND my comfort zone.

I was initially intimidated by trying yoga. I’ve only been exposed to it through the social media influencer lens – unnatural postures? complicated twists & turns? beautiful beaches? perfect toned bodies? ‘No way, I thought, I don’t have that, nor do I want to put myself in the position to be condemned because of it’.

However, I promised myself I would try something new. And after getting a great deal on a beginner’s yoga workshop, I knew I couldn’t back out. So in May, along with 5 other strangers, I chuckled & stumbled through the workshop.

After the workshop, while contemplating what to do next, a friend pointed out a yoga studio in-between our apartments that had a great GroupOn offer. 2 months of unlimited yoga for a great price. Without any thought, I purchased it!


That brings me to today. 30 days, 14 yoga classes, a few falls, and a whole lot of happiness later.

In the first week, I felt totally clumsy, tired, unfocused, lost in an unfamiliar territory & not able to make sense of it all (breath? warrior? anjaneyasana?) It was hard doing something totally new & unknown; but at the same time I felt an exhilarating power inside of me.

By the second week, I had a desire in wanting to conquer this newness, so I gave myself approval for any lingering embarrassment & clumsiness.

My initial judgement of yoga has completely changed. I understand now when people say yoga helps heal your body and your mind.

And no, I haven’t had a ~spiritual awakening~ while on the mat, but the fact that I find myself compelled to sign up for a yoga class instead of turning towards a destructive habit (emotional eating, binge watching TV, isolating) to heal is out-of-this-world amazing.

There have been a few times while on the mat, my mind wanders (especially while in savasana –  total relaxation) I start to envision a future for myself that is filled with positive energy, positive thoughts and love.

Even yesterday, I was breathing through the poses & a thought zapped across my mind, thinking about how far I’ve come. A few months ago I didn’t want to leave my apartment or look at myself because I was so ashamed of my body, afraid of failure and judgment; and now I’m voluntarily diving into an activity where the whole purpose is about the awareness of the body! So many things in our lives are distortions we tell ourselves. It is not till you challenge that one hint of light in your head that you CAN change! And change I did! Simple changes are making big differences, and I can’t wait to see where I’m at on day 60!!


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