My mantra for June is ‘What Will Be, Will Be.’ After having one of my May goals as ‘Noticing More Opportunities’, I quickly realized I was having a bad case of the ‘What If’s’ every time a new opportunity popped up. For example, if I got excited by a new job application, I would think ‘what if it’s not the right job for me? What if they don’t think I fit the skills?’ After an amazing conversation with my friend yesterday, I realized this is completely unhelpful & unnecessary. It’s only creating a frightened & apprehensive mindset for something that isn’t even underway!

What is your mantra for the month? Something that will help you through the next four weeks? 💗

LOL! My photobomb by the bread bowl & then my cheesy smile 2-seconds after! 


The great thing about this month was breaking out of the shell I built for myself. I tried a beginners yoga class, my best friend visited for the weekend, I spent time in the sun, I started blogging again, & I made the decision I’m ready for a new career path! This all filled my cup up a good bit. Especially when my bestest friend in the whole wide world visited New York for the weekend. She just makes my soul happy and always reminds me that everything is temporary.


  • Try to Let Life Just Happen.
  • I Love Trying New Things: Even though I oddly get anxious before trying new things, the majority of the time I end up enjoying it! I had SUCH a good time at my beginners yoga workshop even though prior to the first class I had all of these ‘What If’ thoughts like, ‘What if I’m the worst one in the class,’ ‘what if I hate it,’ etc. But really, whats the worst that can happen?! I ended up just giving into the moment, staying present, and I ended up having an awesome experience!



I’m excited for this month! I’m trying to continue ‘Trying New Things,’ here’s what’s on the docket for June:

  1. Signed up for unlimited yoga with one of my best friends for 2-months.
  2. Signed back up for 5 Soul Cycle classes. I used to love Soul, but after the last year of ups & downs really put it to the side. I went to one class last week. It was hard, not my best, and a little sloppy; but I felt so proud that I went & followed through.
  3. I am starting a new food plan called Personal Trainer Food. Basically, it’s pre-made & measured food. I have two intentions for this, one being more structure and two is (hopefully) weight loss. While I wish it wasn’t something I was focused on, I haven’t been happy. I feel uncomfortable, and I know it’s holding me back from being my best self.
  4. I took a day off work to spend time with my Dad next week! We rarely have just father-daughter days, and I want to take the opportunity to spend as much time with him as I can.
  5. I am applying to new jobs. I’m ready for a career change, and I’ve realized the company I’ve been in for 5 years (since I graduated college) cannot give me the benefits, growth, and experience it once did.


  • Take Small Actions: All of these small actions are leading to bigger change. I can feel it. I’m slowly breaking these walls around me and letting people, activities, people, opportunities around d me in.
  • Put Yourself First: I know I am at my BEST when I take care of ME first! Without that I simply cannot be the best employee, friend, daughter, nor can I keep up! So taking the right steps to being healthier, better mentally, & confident is non-negotiable.

“If you don’t get a miracle become one”


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