This year I’ve been meditating everyday for 20 minutes; but sometimes there’s just NO time. I’ve found if I don’t do anything to create a momentary everyday, I become easily triggered, stressed, and anxious. And this is where “moderated meditation” comes in – I know, not a great name, but it’s all I could think of. Basically a way to fold a meditation practice into our everyday routines/

Now, I’m calling BS on these studies that say you have to have like 30 minutes of meditation a day for change. I say, if we could find silence, a pause, gratitude, and appreciation – even in a moment’s time – we’ve done a pretty good job at consciously meditating. Sometimes we are so preoccupied with doing perfection (even around our meditation practice), achieving success and giving it our all, we lose perspective. We’re not going to be perfect all of the time, and moderation matters. It’s the tool that will catch you when you’re not able to finish it ALL.

Here are 10 of my favorite “moderated meditations.” The key is to have the same goal one would have in a 30+ minute meditation: focus your attention on the breath, detach from your sensations, and accept whatever comes up.


Breathe slowly and deeply in and out of the nose – the quickest way to get into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest). 7. Listen to an entire song that gives you the feels without doing anything else.


A walk around nature is always my favorite – surrounded by water, sunshine, and the smell of flowers; but it can be walking to your car! Instead of thinking about your to-do list; focus on inhale/exhale breath and surroundings in the present moment.


Close your eyes for 1-2 minutes and just let some watch glide across your skin. If you have an extra minute, keep some lavender essential oil in your bathroom, put 2-3 drops in your palms & breathe it in.


Wake up 5 minutes earlier to drink your coffee at home or at the office early, before the craziness starts. Feel the warmth in your mouth and savor the taste.


Listen to a song you love. Align your breaths with the rhythm. Close your eyes & visualize the feelings, colors, or places, you associate with this song.


Take your shoes off and feel the ground beneath your feet.


Whether you’re chopping, preparing, or stirring; take a moment of gratefulness for the food you have and appreciate the textures, shapes, and colors.


Especially once all of those warm, clean smelling clothes come out of the dryer. Put your focus toward the repetitive routine of folding & stacking.


Try something like making collages, a coloring book, knitting, or drawing in silence. Even if you don’t think you’re “talented” or “good” – that’s ok. Let that magical allowance of imperfection that children have reappear.


Running, yoga, dancing, stretching, etc. Do what makes you feel good. And maybe this time, don’t drown out the experience with music or TV – just be present in the moment and appreciate that you’re body is capable of these movements.

Let me know if you try one of the above. Notice how you feel afterwards… isn’t that worth a few minutes of your day?


  1. I love this, this has come at a great time as I’m really getting into my meditation. The main thing I took from your post is the meditation goal you set, I’m going to think about that when setting my intention for meditating and I’m sure I will gain even more from the experience then. And I love these suggestions for little meditation sessions, especially the nature ones! I will carry these forward into my daily life especially on those days when I don’t have time to meditate for a long while as such. Thank you thank you thank you!

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