This weekend I did some reflecting, a lot of reflecting actually. I poured my soul out to my therapist, mother & friends. I had a breakthrough in ‘why I do the things I do.‘ It was eye-opening, surprising, and allowed to to connect-the-dots in certain areas of my life.

And it brought a lifelong curiosity of mine, does everything happen for a reason?

For me, I thought I went through my rediscovery phase already. My mindset was like: “YASSS I’M DONE HERE, my heart is set on maintaining my weight loss, because a perfect exterior = mentally healthy … right?” FYI – NOT RIGHT, that’s a false belief I tricked myself into believing.

It wasn’t even on my radar that I was neglecting so many emotions & limiting beliefs. Then, last year when I went through one of the darkest periods of my life, my old priorities flew out the window. I was forced to make my priority getting better. I sometimes feel like all I was left with was negative consequences: weight gain, guilt, sadness, new emotions, questions, & curiosity. However, it looks like this is where my breakthroughs are being born.

Did that dark period have to happen in order for me to make these new discoveries?  Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, most of my tough times have lead to some type of discovery.

So, we’re back to the questions of all questions. Does everything happens for a reason?

My thoughts … I don’t know. Life is such a mystery. I think I believe in synchronicity over everything happens for a reason. I believe in the flow, reaching for opportunities, & knowing situations will change. We will never know why certain things happen, but good & bad situations mold us into the people we are. Somewhere down the line there’s acceptance, reflecting, learning & letting go. Maybe the reason is when we reach that point of appreciation, acceptance and gratitude.


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