We live in a world where media idealizes human perfection. There’s always another milestone to be hit, pound to be lost, men to be met, & goal to be reached in order to be content. 

In order to turn inward & figure out my genuine wants, I have to block out the noise.

I need to be able to distinguish my voice from everything else. 

This is where vision boards come in. Not only are we given the chance to transform something from a blank canvas into a visual representation, but we’re able to reclaim our voice. 


Specify some feelings and values that encompass who you are; your vision should be aligned and authentic to you.

At creation, you’re given a blank canvas. Have fun, cut out pictures, words, people, items, places, things, foods, & colors.

When you’re done, place it somewhere where it’ll be seen frequently. It’ll become a constant reminder of your intentions, goals, and values.

I struggle with limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging thoughts, so it can be hard for me to step out of that negative mindset voluntarily & switch it. Having a tangible vision board that I can see & hold has been fundamental for me. It triggers peacefulness, hope, and faith that I couldn’t conjure up in a moment of negativity. When I take a wrong turn, it’s my GPS to lead me back on track.

The end result is manifestation.


A vision board is not magic. It’s still a piece of paper with glue & cut outs – it won’t miraculously make our dreams come true. What makes our dreams a reality is our mindset.

I was previously using my vision board to “escape” the present moment & aim for society’s view of perfection.

Aaron Doughty said that when you do this “internal resistance is created. And therefore, what’s reflected back are situations that mirror feelings of lack.” Before creating a vision board, I had to work on being grateful for my current state of being.

It’s something that seems obvious, but in a world that has become so fast paced it is easy to get swept away with doing, achieving, and becoming our best selves; we lose out on enjoying what we have in the moment.

Trust that as your change your state of being, reality will begin to reflect that.53470595-6B34-4A54-8595-24899CF71F0C


My Feelings:

  • Authentic
  • Empowered
  • Relaxed
  • Joyful

My Goals:

  • Get a raise at work
  • Explore new career opportunities
  • Take a vacation
  • Cultivate more self love (by meditation, discovering my light, celebrating my wins)
  • Give more love to others (volunteering, spending time with friends & family, doing fun things)


  1. I absolutely love this! I created a vision board a few years ago that hangs on our office wall and it’s just kind of sat there reminding me of the things I want. But I found it quite interesting and profound that you listed out the feelings you want your board to evoke. I think this would personally help me realign my goals and add more depth to my own board. Thanks so much for sharing! This was inspiring and helpful. 🙂


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