This may sound completely bizarre, but I love blogs/vlogs about peoples everyday lives. I find it fascinating that no two are the same. We all choose to spend our 24-hours of the day differently; environmentally, setting out priorities, daily routines, hobbies that light us up, etc!

ANYWAY, yesterday was a *DAY* for me: 10 miles, 20k steps, sunshine, friends, family, cocktails, & even a little relaxation. What more can I ask for? Just to caveat: I poke fun at myself in this post – completely light-hearted. IRL I’m not supeeeerrr sarcastic, but while writing I can’t help but laugh at my mannerisms & shit that goes through my head. IMG_8192.jpg

7:00-8:15am: Breakfast & Meal Prep

Woke up ~naturally~ – how zen of me. Kicked off the day with 10-minutes of meditation. I started meditating morning + night on 1/1/19 – which made today Day 96!

Next up, coffee~2T Anthony’s Instant Coffee from Amazon, ~.5T Skinny Syrups in Salted Caramel, & 5 pumps of the Skinny Syrups Whipped Foam Topping. Secondly, protein waffle: 1 scoop Quest PB Protein Powder, ~1t Baking Powder, 1 egg, splash of water until batter consistency, in the waffle maker for 1-2 minutes. Topped with Walden Farms. 

I figured I would get my weekly salads out of the way for the work week: mix of romaine, spinach, cucumber, red bell pepper, shredded purple cabbage, red onion, & cherry tomatoes. I usually pair these with a protein, or if I’m crunched for time – a protein shake or protein chips: Protes, Snackergy, Quest Chips. I’ve been a huge YouTube fan since I was like 15 years old, so I always catch up on vlogs while I cook.  20EE52B2-F553-4757-9BD2-777C4640A5CDIMG_8172

8:30am: More Coffee & Park Time

Starbucks lured me in for my 2nd coffee of the day: Grande in a Venti Cup, Extra Ice, 2 pumps Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Iced Coffee ~bougie~ Then I strolled over to Carl Schultz park in the Upper East Side. I’m catching up on my favorite podcasts, so finally had the change to listen to Gwyneth Paltrow on Dax Shepard’s Arm Chair Expert. HIGHLY recommend.

9am-10am: Intuitive Development/Spiritual Counseling Call

Every Saturday I talk to my intuitive counselor. I’ve known her for around 4 years now, and she’s helped me stand back up after hitting rock bottom. She challenges me, keeps me accountable, and holds a safe space for me. And while we’re here, let’s just take a second to remember all of our feelings are valid. Instead of imprisoning your emotions, try to feel, honor, & release your feelings. Future you will thank you.2A49630B-07AB-40FF-817C-11E6A0A25C8F

10:15-11am: Pedicure & Back Massage

I realized I have some extra time to put my $50 nail salon reward to good use! I went all in with a pedicure, callus remover (because sandal season), & a 10-minute back massage. I strayed away from my usual Fiji or burgundy and went with Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. 5D5A715F-7CAE-47DE-B0A5-7960DEDB864B

11:30-12:30pm: Getting Ready!

By this point I was running hella late. I ran up my 5-floor walk up, rummaged through my clothes, threw my hair into a colonial man ponytail, and ran out the door.


12:30pm-1:15pm: Central Park

Met up with a few friends and headed to the next destination, a birthday party on the Upper West Side which was a quick & lovely walk across Central Park. Easily, my favorite thing about Manhattan is that I can walk everywhere. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned walking in 95% of my blogs & a even dedicated one to walking here.A19F28BA-639F-4DBD-BF0C-A454FA5CF761

1:15pm-4:00pm: Birthday Party

Can I just say, in my old age of 26, day parties are the best thing ever. Not the college-days belligerent frat parties, but a classy darty with decorations, themed party food, good music, DIY photobooth wall, & alcohol *a given*.  Oh & my friends are having KIDS now *I’m shook, I’m so old.* I basically held my friends son 90% of the time because I’m obsessed with him & let her drink her mimosas. Happy birthday, love Sarah.


4:00pm-5:30pm: Window Shopping & Dodging Tourists

I window shopped while walking from UWS 72nd to Midtown 42nd street. I was keeping my eye out for a bag; think ‘tote, big straps, zipper, not leather, maybe nylon, preferably black, pair with leggings & denim jacket for like super casual weekends’ Did not find a thing, if you have recommendations send my way! Then, I had to walk through the torture chamber that is Times Square/Broadway. Nothing against the tourists, I just did not want to be there *anxiety & claustrophobia central*

6:00pm-9:00pm: Dinner at Tommy Bahama Restaurant

I made it! First rule of business: Dry & Extra Dirty Vodka Martini made with Tito’s. Dinner with my parents is just the best. I’m a very lucky gal. We covered all of the topics: my career, if I want to move out, friends, family drama. So much *piping hot tea*.IMG_8169

10pm-11pm: Bath & Bedtime

I ended the day perfectly, with a bubble bath, candle, TONYMOLY Rose Face Mask & hot chocolate: 1/2 unsweetened cashew milk, 1/2 water, ProtiDiet’s Hot Cocoa Mix. After living in this apartment for 4 years, this was my first ever bath! I immediately had FOMO when my roommate told she’s been taking baths! It was so calming & cozy. As fun as the day was, it was non-stop. I sunk in, put on my favorite Louis the Child Mixtape, and let the craziness slip away.

Last but not least, right before bed I listened to my guided meditation for 20 minutes. D8D1F9A5-9910-4418-A0D5-1E45A1D4A793

That was my day! How was your weekend?


    1. So many recommendations!! How old is she? Definitely a Broadway show, central park, window shopping in soho, and free kayaking on the Hudson River in the summer! I need to make a post on all my NYC hot spots!


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