LONG TIME, NO SEE! I have not blogged for over 30 days and it’s time to reconnect with the writer in me! Life has been pretty chaotic this month, but I’m finally getting back to some normality, and thus back into blogging.

Rest assured that in October, I will be back a little less fearful and a little more confident as I chronicle my journey to mindfulness & recovery!



September was a much needed pause for me. Really a month of constant blessings, support, reflections & self-forgiveness.

I always use this phrase at work that “the key to success is a strong foundation.” And sometime in September, I realized I was living in a constant state of negativity, and in order to change, I first had to strengthen  my foundation to what it once was. Once it was secure, I realized how amazingly easy it was to feel happy, motivated, strong, and confident I will achieve my goals.


  • I am a girl of routine: Getting back to my daily routine keeps me in a good mental state. While I love traveling and “relaxing”, it can only last for so long. I like knowing where I am, what’s coming up and to plan ahead.
  • Live in the Positive, Even When Things Aren’t Perfect: This month, I had a HUGE realization that though things do not always go my way, if I’m willing to keep a primarily positive attitude & mindset in my daily life, there is nothing that can get in my way.


To be completely honest, my monthly goals don’t always pan out. I either aim too small, or aim too high and feel awful when I inevitably fail. I’m really trying to balance what my everyday responsibilities & then everything else that I could be capable of.  The whole point in making goals is to be able to attain them, right? My goals are not to obtain perfection, but to make steady progress.  I’m going to try to keep it simple and enjoy the crispy leaves, cool weather, comfy outfits, beautiful colors, and activities galore.


  • Be Patient: Honestly, I’m not very good at practicing patience; but I understand it’s requirement for the majority of things I do: building relationships, ED recovery, personal & career growth, etc. Building what I desire and taking a (much needed) pause while waiting for it to come to fruition (while working towards it), beats living in a world where I’m settling.
  • Be the Observer: As an empath & someone who is more comfortable leading, I try to control most outcomes. This has created stress and shame around failure. This month, I want to be more interested in observing my thoughts, rather than continuing the thought. Then, after seeing things clearly, I can deliberately choose to take action. I was in a guided meditation led by a Shamen once, and I remember he made us imagine ourselves sitting by the side of a river watching the river flow by – in that moment, I was the Observer. I can bring that into my everyday life by  sitting by the side of your mind and watching the currents of thought that flow through your consciousness.
  • Trust The Process: Stealing my boyfriend’s life mantra (hehe). Although I don’t always believe that “everything happens for a reason,” I do believe I have the choice to find the best in the new path that was given!


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  1. I think I need to become more patient as well. I just moved into a flat with two of my friends and while Ive been living the experience of living together, it does take a considerable amount of time to adjust to the fact that others work differently than you, sometimes in the most simple ways. It takes a lot of patience to not be annoyed every time someone leaves their dishes out or doesn’t clean up after themselves. Great post, good luck with all of your October intentions! x

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    1. Yes, oh my goodness I totally know what you’re going through. I’ve had roommates since I’ve moved to NYC & it’s a scary moment when you realize you’re aggravated, or constantly on edge of annoyance especially with a friend! A tip about roommates – I find it SO helpful, after a long day, to just go into my little space (if you have your own room) and take 5-10 minutes to get my shit sorted out before I interact with any of my roommates (or see those dirty dishes). This usually brings my energy level down to a place where the dishes don’t look AS BAD as they would’ve if I came in with high energy. Hopefully this makes sense!

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