Well … goodbye birthday month! 26 is here and it’s been a rollercoaster so far: ups & downs, highs & low, twists & turns. I watched one of my best friends get married, got to see my boyfriend, spent 2-weeks on Jury Duty, came back into work in awe of the kindness of my co-workers for decorating my desk, saw Kinky Boots on Broadway, and went to Soul Camp in upstate New York.



  • Self Care is Important: This month I kept putting self-care to the side in the moments I needed it most. I get so refreshed and revived by simple self-care, I need a reminder to include some sort of self-care in my life EVERYDAY: a shower with great smelling body wash, quick meditation, deep breathing, journal entry, spending time in nature, and eating healthy foods. When I can take a break from thoughts that don’t serve me and take care of myself – I am refreshed.
  • Be Kind: No ones struggles are insignificant, I always need to remember this when approaching people in my life, whether a new friend or someone I’ve known for years.
  • Follow Your Gut: Last week I had the pleasure of attending Soul Camp (new post to come soon) and it was beyond anything I could have asked for. It was transformative, relaxing, fun, and tranquil. All weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking – this would be amazing if my mom was here. On the last day of camp, the leaders announced a huge discount on their last event in October and there was one more private room left. 10 minutes later I bumped into a mother-daughter duo, chatted with them, and they encouraged me to go for it! So I did it. I followed my gut and booked it for my mom & I – I couldn’t be more excited. (Did I mention this time it’s in California?!)

BeFunky-collage (1).jpg


It’s a busy busy month for me. The first week of the month my niece, who lives in Seattle full time, is visiting! Then, I head off to Ohio for a work trip. In between, I have work, a booked massage, my second laser tattoo removal, and hopefully reuniting with some friends!


  • Don’t Allow Embarrassment to Become Shame & Regret: I have spent so much time being embarrassed and angry with myself for losing all of that progress I had previously made. How could I let this happen? But here’s the thing… I am human. Mistakes are allowed! The important thing is that I learn from them. I didn’t call it quits and decide a healthy lifestyle wasn’t for me. I simply hit a rough patch and now I have to find my way back.
  • Enjoy the Moment: I tend to look at the past, at the future, what do I need to plan for tomorrow, what did I do yesterday that I could’ve done better?  Our society is obsessed with productivity and I need to remind myself to stop chasing. It’s all happening and it feels better with presence.


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