Reaching out has been a problem for me for as long as I remember. Heck, it even took my best friend YEARS to crack me open. She literally had to encourage me and convince me it’s okay to be vulnerable with her. When I eventually came around and did open up about my emotions, it was the most liberating thing. It felt good knowing somebody accepts me for who I am – and in turn, this has been a huge key to my healing and moving forward.

My unconscious ego tends to keeps me stuck and holds me back by keeping fears at the forefront of my mind: fear of being judged, fear of wasting time, and fear of failure. While it seems so much easier to keep our fears private, it causes me to suffer unnecessarily.

When I’m able to reach out and lean on others I allow my ego to step aside while allowing myself to feel vulnerable. I’ve also found that being open causes a ripple effect where others feel comfortable discussing raw topics.

Opening up has revealed to me that a key to my happiness is connection.




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