Welcoming 26 with open arms!! 25 was good to me. It was a year that brought lots changes in terms of self discovery and growth.

It included a lot of work, patience, time figuring out how to prioritize my energy, and what I need in order to feel fulfilled. All of these realizations brought great joy, but also a year of some mistakes, never-ending days, and negative self-talk. Through the good the bad and the ugly it has brought me here.


While I’m usually all about a big party, this year I switched it up. I spent today and the majority of this weekend goal setting, planning, and thinking ahead.

I need to get crystal clear & laser focused on my mission. I know the habits & rituals that enable me to be consistently happy, but I have never committed to them 100%. I have some pretty big goals for this coming year including increasing my confidence, giving more time to helping  others, ensuring I am feeling fulfilled, and being proud of my life’s work.

I’m done waiting for the magic solution to come along. Life is not meant to be lived pretending.

26 will be the year of leaps and bounds. The year of goal shattering, living up to my commitments, & new adventures. I am terrified. I am not ready. However, that won’t stop me from diving in.


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