How is it August already? This year is just flying by and I’m having trouble keeping up! July was very busy. I was a guest at a wedding, my boyfriend visited New York, I tried new fitness classes, had a few life realization (as shown in the lengthy list of reflections), a family member passed away (wrote about that here), and spent alot of time with family & friends.


  • Find a Community that Pushes You: I’ve been lucky enough to find a community that ‘gets me’ and my struggle, and I get to come together with them at 7:15am every weekday morning. I’ve had days this month entering these get-togethers loathed with self-pity & puffy eyes, but leave with a full heart because of the support I’ve received as a result of sharing my experience and reaching out to friends. The more I’ve been able to share and reach out, the less scary life feels.
  • “Faith Requires Action”: Someone said this quote the other day and it sparked something in me. I can’t allow waiting to become a habit. To reach my full potential I KNOW I need to try new things, take risks, practice, and work HARD to stay in the present moment. I know this works because I easily put in into practice in other areas of my life where I flourish. Now, I just need to apply that same routine to the areas where I may be struggling.
  • Appreciate Those Who Support You: A huge shoutout to my boyfriend, especially this month. The last few weeks I have been at the peaks of stress and anxious about several things, but he has been so patient, kind, & supportive. He has listened to me vent, and instead of complaining, has provided only positivity and assurance that it’ll all work out. While we can’t be together all day every day,  he has proven more times than I can count that he has my back.
  • Beware of Over-Committing: I’m still prone to feeling inadequate when I don’t accomplish everything I set out to. It took me until July 30th to start “accepting” which was my only July Intention. I initially felt upset, disappointed, & not “good enough.” But then I realized, LIFE was still  happening in between and I accomplished a hell of alot in other areas!
Enjoying the Flatiron District
Tried out Rumble Boxing Class in Chelsea – so fun!
My boyfriend & I watching the World Cup Final in Astoria, Queens


Along with being the last month of summer, which surprisingly I’m not angry about, it’s my birthday month! The big 2-6. Decided not to do anything big this year and instead lay back, maybe splurge on a massage, and hopefully catch up with some friends!


  • Focus on Healing: In August, I want to let go of my want for complete control, and instead fully surrender to the Universe. I want to create a strong community of mentors, experts, and specialists that are there to guide me. I’m not only ready to do the work, but invest in myself. I have been blocking my blessings because of a fear of failure, but I’m ready to allow myself to be free of the old constraints and give myself permission to stand in your power.
  • Tidy Up: continue tidying up my apartment each evening for 5-10 minutes to keep my mind clear of the unnecessary stress that arises in response to clutter⠀
  • Try New Things: I’m doing a few new things in the month of August which falls into my faith needs action reflection. I’m going to my first powerlifting beginners class (8/11), going to a new holistic nutritionist, getting a tattoo removed (8/31), Jury Duty for the first time (8/7 – obviously not by choice), going to Soul Camp East (8/24)



  1. Sending you continued positive vibes beauty! It is so good that you found a community that supports you AND that you are leaning on people. I find that so hard to do, but when you do it, you feel better and stronger.
    I hope you have an amazing August ❤


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