Have you ever noticed how much contrast there is in life?

  • Light/Darkness
  • Hope/Despair
  • Joy/Anger
  • Good/Bad
  • Beginnings/Ends
  • Safety/Terror
  • Clean/Messy
  • Order/Chaos
  • Cold/Hot
  • Self-Care/Hustle
  • Acceptance/Desire for Growth
  • Positivity/Negativity

I’m learning to accept that there is truth and beauty in life’s contrasts. I spent so many years of my life chasing the light and hiding from the darkness. I’ve realized only recently that one contrast cannot exist without the other. Fighting against one will not make it disappear. The best thing to do is try to accept both sides.

This week, I am trying to embrace the light and darkness as equally valuable and as a natural part of life. I will try to face each feeling with gratitude for teaching and guiding me. I’m still working on surrendering to this truth.

And for today, I feel as though I am returning to myself again. When I am able to accept the contracts, I feel peaceful, alive, and free.

If you’re having a tough time recognizing the contracts in your life, start with identifying it in nature. Go outside and observe the raw contrast nature creates. From the buildings silhouettes against the skyline, formation of the clouds, and shady reflection of the trees on the ground. You’ll notice that without the contrast, life would be a little more boring.

Contrast, whether in nature or life, makes an impression, grabs our attention, and captivates our mind.

What contrast stands out to you now?


“There are dark shadows on the Earth, but it’s lights are stronger in the contrasts”

Art: Geoffrey Johnson

4 thoughts on “LIFE IN CONTRASTS

  1. I love this! my mentor explained to me about the dualities and the fact that we need them in order to appreciate life. If everything was always good, we would never appreciate it and vice versa. Sometimes it is hard to accept, but it definitely has given me a new perspective. Thanks for sharing sweets! ❤

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  2. That quote at the end is beautiful! In fact, this whole post was so insightful and thought-provoking, I really enjoyed it! I feel like it’s all about finding a balance between two extremes. That’s the ideal place I always strive to be in. Like you wrote, it’s important to recognize that there is both good and bad – light and darkness – in everything. I feel like the light teaches us to strive for better and the bad makes us appreciate the good. Great post x


    1. Yes!! You said it to a T – balance is everything! Or at least, when we find ourselves in one extreme – doing skills to help get us back into balance OR at least have faith we’ll get back to balance eventually ❤

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