Sooooooo, I took an un-planned month off from my usual routine (talk about an obvious self-sabotage moment.)

Work has been unbearably busy, family emergencies, constant travel; the focus on other things have revved up all the cravings that led to my unhealthy lifestyle originally. I have been saying for months, ‘Monday I’m going to get serious’ and then Monday arrives, and so do the excuses.

I’m not happy about it, but I’ve reigned myself in today.

All I can do is continue to grow and learn from my mistakes. Ask myself, what sends me off the edge? What pushes me to justify unhealthy choices? What encourages me to regress instead of move forward?

As I think about the answers to the questions above, I need to remember the journey is not linear. I believe this happened for a reason, and that the opportunity to start over is one we give ourselves when we’re open to hope and change.

My present goal is to rest, relax, recoup and try to feel a little better this weekend.

2 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS

  1. I think the most important lesson on this journey is to remember it is a journey and it is okay to not be perfect or “on” all the time. Sometimes our unhealthy patterns are comfort in times of stress (I can feel that especially right now) which is why it is so easy to regress. But you can not beat yourself up. Every day is a new day. You don’t have to start on a Monday, you can start right now. But whenever you start always just be kind to yourself. Sending you so much love to you sweets. ❤


    1. THANK YOU so much for this 🙂 made my entire day so much sweeter. I hope you take your own advice as well & don’t let the stress affect your own journey!


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