I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. As an extroverted introvert who’s social calendar seems endless most weekends; I cherish the unplanned weekends where I can recharge for the week ahead. This weekend involved celebrating Father’s Day, doing errends, tidying up, staying in my pjs, binge-watching Riverdale, and making some delicious meals for myself.


I have the luxury of having Summer Fridays at work. While this is a huge perk, shaving 4-hours off the end of the week means there will always be some urgency. We’re in the midst of planning Q4, the most important time of year in the retail industry time (November-January), so it can get tense. I came to peace with the fact I was going to be there late, and took a walk to keep my sanity.

After 1pm, my office becomes a dark freezer filled with frustration; and I reminded myself of a Voltaire quote: “The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.” Working late doesn’t matter when I’m leaving the office stress-free, prepared, & pleased with my work.


After leaving work I headed to Dig Inn for a late lunch, then relaxed the rest of the night! I finished Season 2 of Riverdale (my recently found obsession), read my Oprah magazine & journaled about



I’ve been having a MAJOR morning weekend dilemma. I have been waking up at 5:55am on the dot everyday, need a coffee by 6:15am the latest, then just lay around until I have to go somewhere. I heard a tiny voice in my head, “I may as do something productive …” so I hit up an 8am cycling class! It kicked my butt into gear.


This solo Saturday flew by. I laid in Carl Shultz park, browsed Barnes & Noble, went to the laundromat, and did some grocery shopping. I racked up 22k steps in the day, and my legs felt like Jello when I got back home!

I have a new found obsession with Seltzer and Sun-Dried Tomatoes from my local supermarket. As a snack I chopped up the marinated tomatoes and some broccoli, tossed in a drizzle of OVOO, S&P + nutritional yeast and it was delicious!



Father’s Day! I’m lucky enough to have my parents close by, so they can come visit New York pretty frequently. To celebrate Father’s Day, we went to Sunday Brunch at the Comedy Cellar downtown. Mo Amer was there, who I’m obsessed with. He is hilarious, and my parents were cracking up the entire time. Good, raw, comedy is such a relief. My mom and I were talking about it after, we were laughing so hard and so invested in the jokes; we got to zone out, put our focus on the comedian, and forget about any issues or problems going on in life.


After the show we went to Caffe Reggio right next store. I got a coffee and the “Rammento” steamed asparagus & a blend of European cheeses; topped with 2 over easy eggs. The decor is straight out of 1920’s Italy. The coffee was amazing, food was good, and the pastries looked to die for. It’s rare for me to be in Greenwich Village during the day, but when I come back I’m 100% going to stop by again.


After the long day, I relaxed and caught up on the O.C. (yes, my boyfriend got me obsessed) & FaceTimed him and actually got inot a really interesting discussion about work vs passion and whether they should be one in the same. What are your thoughts?

Art: Andre Salvador






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