Looking back on this month I have to say, it was very transformative. I had the opportunity to reflect, grow, develop new habits, discover and put some things in perspective. So thanks, May! June, we’re ready for you!



A new month, a new mindset to be awesome!

  • Don’t buy shit you don’t need
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Tidy up before going to sleep in the PM & leaving for work in the AM
  • Unpack within a day of getting home from traveling


LIFESTYLE: I am so good at limiting myself, I often don’t know I’m doing it! In the last two weeks, I’ve tried to become very mindful of my negative self-talk, excuses, and subconscious stories I tell myself. I know I’m doing the work to peel back the layers I’ve built up and break down the subconscious limits I created myself.

Hamilton Pool Preserve in Austin, TX

MIND & SOUL: A goal for this month was to Unplug & Be Present. I HIGHLY encourage you to try this out in June. Focus on what is right in front of you and give up the screen for a bit, I promise everyone and everything will be there when you return!

Walk with my parent’s dog Cori!

CAREER: May was a long work month. Day after day I felt like there was never enough time. I mistakenly took on others peoples responsibilities; which I need to stop doing because I take on new challenges when I could easily turn them down if there’s too much on my plate. About mid-month, when I realized it was affecting my anxiety; I knew I needed to take a step back and take mindful breaks throughout the day.


SOCIAL: My work BFF invited me to a networking event with United Women in Business, a non-profit devoted to the professional development for women across all industries.  The event was Fearless Female’s Guide to Financial Health, which I needed. It definitely kicked my butt into gear and motivated me to save more, re-look at my 401k, and start thinking of my future wants & needs. Outside of money advice, it’s beautiful to see the things that happen when women come together with a shared focus.

money save.JPG


  1. So happy to hear that May was a positive month for you overall, and I am sure that June will bring many great things! I love what you said about unplugging – it can be so beneficial for our minds and lives as a whole 🙂 xx

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