I cannot believe Memorial Day Weekend has come & passed just like that!

Usually, MDW is filled with BBQs, social plans, traveling, and alcohol. As amazing as that sounds, I needed to take this weekend to recharge, rejuvenate, and gain clarity around my current goals. I passed up on very tempting MDW parties; but I saw this as a practice of self-care.

“To be of better services to others & the world, we have to take care of ourselves first”


My first summer Friday, which means I get to head out at 1pm, major perk. I ended up staying a little later because of an inconveniently planned appointment at 3pm, but it ended up working to my advantage to get some extra work done.

After my doctor’s appointment I met my friend for dinner at Souvlaki GR in Mindtown. I got two pork, one chicken, and one veggie skewer with tzatziki. The decor & ambience is really want sets the restaurant apart, you feel like you’re on a little Greek vacation.


I started off the day waking up at 6:30am, and went to a 9am cycling class which kicked my BUTT! Post-cycling I ran to the grocery store for a few things and then got back to my apartment to complete (or so I thought) my mission for the weekend: SUMMER CLEAN UP 2018.

The goal of this mission was to completely strip my apartment of any disarray, obstacles, or signs of a chaotic environment that could be an obstacle to me reaching my goals. SUMMER CLEAN UP 2018 entailed:

  • Clearing, cleaning, unpacking & repacking above the bed storage, under the bed storage, bedroom closet, drawers, my shelfs in the kitchen (tupperware, protein shelf, snack/coffee/misc shelf)
  • Swapping out boots for sandals, sweaters for sun dresses, and scarfs for bathing suits
  • Rearranging artwork
  • Going through ‘junk drawers & boxes in my bedroom & kitchen
  • Scrubbing miscellaneous ‘where did you come from’ furniture & appliance stains
  • Vacuuming dust bunnies
  • Hauling multiple garbage bags down 6-flights
  • Three humongous bags of laundry

It took sweat (no tears thank goodness), lots of YouTube videos, a Lil Wayne Apple Music playlist, and multiple bottles of water; but by 2:45pm on Saturday I made some progress.

At 3pm, I met a friend at Le Pain Quotidien to break away from the chaos of my apartment. We had a great conversation about awareness, plus anticipating tricky situations before they occur and encouraging each other to use skills to minimize the chance of giving into urges/cravings/etc (my vice being food as you readers know.)

My dinner plans were canceled last minute; so I decided to stroll down to Carl Shultz Park where I laid down my towel, snacked on my favorite Blueberry Quest Bar, listened to the Greatest Showman soundtrack, and read Oprah magazine for a few hours.

After a nice break, I got back to my apartment to find three boxes waiting for me. I dragged these upstairs, continued cleaning, and took short Riverdale breaks. I made a delicious dinner of ‘Crack Slaw,’ (recipe link) which is an asian influenced beef dish.


SUMMER CLEAN UP continues. We’re just going to skim this, because it was a long day of cleaning, installing fans, scrubbing, and organizing.

I made some delicious, quick roasted cabbage, cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes to pair with this delicious Salmon Burger I picked up from Fairway.

I also got to try my new ISO100 Proteins from Dymatize Nutrition, I ordered Chocolate Coconut, Peanut Butter, Fudge Chocolate, & Orange Dreamsicle. HIGHLY recommend. Probably the best protein powder I’ve ever had and causes no funky tummy issues.



I woke up nice and early & headed to the laundromat. The city is a ghost town on MDW, but the laundomat was surprisingly packed.

IMG_5597 2.JPG

While the laundry was finishing up, I took a walk around Central Park, listened to my favorite Almost 30 Podcast, and journaled when the funniest thing happened; there was a bug on my journal so I instinctively went to swipe it away, but it was the cutest little ladybug that landed smack in the middle of my journal! Talk about good luck and a little reassurance that I made the right decision to stay home this weekend.

I got back, put all of my laundry away, touched up some dirty spots, fluffed my pillows, and successfully basked in my completion of  SUMMER CLEAN UP 2018.

You better believe the rest of the night was in sweatpants, enjoying crappy TV shows and not moving! IMG_6001.jpg






  1. Sounds like a much needed weekend. After a ling birthday weekend my room is practically begging me to clean it- I suppose I will have a weekend similar to yours sometime soon loL! Thanks for sharing girl; have a happy tuesday!!!

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