Accountability. Think about that word. What does it mean to you?

To me, accountability is key to growth, happiness, and success. Accountability to our thoughts, decisions, and actions. It’s what I needed to get this far and feel this great; but it didn’t come about it a day.

The benefits I’ve seen are:

  • Stronger mentally and definitely physically
  • Healthier
  • Confronting my struggles when I normally would have blamed myself
  • Not giving up and quitting
  • Increase of confidence


To get the optimal benefits of being accountable, I found there are four very important components:


Being honest and confessing when I’ve fallen off the wagon cleanses my mind and clears my guilt. I am able to move forward knowing I made a mistake and restart. From there, it’s easier for me to consciously and mindfully determine the the cause and effect, think of skills I can use next time to avoid the cause, and replace the reaction or counter the effect.


As the Queen Oprah said “surround yourself only with people who will lift you higher.”


The people I’ve chosen to surround myself with have become my accountability buddies; as well as my cheerleaders, shoulders to cry on, voices of reason, battle buddies, and sources of knowledge and motivation. When I’m having a down day, they’re always there to help me keep focus (and vice versa)! The other great thing is; they’re also  passionate in improving their own lives.

By showing up every day; I get to help my friends, my family, my career, and myself.


Start everyday by aligning with your goals. When I don’t want to be mindful, do my morning routine, go to a workout class; I quickly shift my mindset to focus on WHY I started in the first place.


It takes courage to start on a journey. I’ve had to start and stop and start and stop to get myself to the place where I own my “why” and start again. I’ve brave to admit my downfalls and then have courage to reach out for support and accountability.

Strengthen your courageousness, keep reaching out, know your “why” – and use it as your motivation to keep going.



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