Laundry is one of those minuscule necessary actions that we could go about one of two ways: be negative (annoyed, rushed, chaotic) or calm (centered, organized, mindful).

My laundry washes for 30 minutes and dries for about 45 minutes. All in, it’s usually about 2 hours of my day.

While those two hours are unavoidable, I do get to choose how I want to spend the time.  While I used to wallow in boredom and irritation, it’s become a sacred time for me; a pause in a chaos for total freedom, emptiness, and solitude. I now spend that time walking, writing in my journal, listening to a podcast or getting a quick a back massage at the nail salon next store.

When my clothes are done in the dryer I organize deliberately: make piles, match every sock, carefully fold every item, feel the warmth against my skin and inhale the lavender scent. They key here is, I intentionally clear all else from my mind.

This is meditation, all it takes to find a center. Slowing down and revisiting the magic of simplicity has become a necessity in my adult life.

Try it out! What can you lose? It’s simple, productive, and think of the alternative: being cranky and off-balance. No one wants that!



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