April was a rollercoaster for “seasonal moods” for us East Coasters. What started out as cold, dreery, and wet; FINALLY made the switch to warm, breezy, and sunny. I’ve never realized it before, but my mood is immensely altered by the weather. Spring is what gets me feeling alive & energized. My absolute favorite weather is 65-70 degrees, sunny, slight wind and dreamy clouds. I have been savoring it before it gets hot and humid.


 I am welcoming May with open arms! This month I’m remembering to work hard, but have fun. I think we can all use a little reminder that no matter frustrating or annoying a situation might be, most of the time it’s out of my control. I need to let go, surrender, and keep my focus on moving forward.

  • Move with Purpose. I want to listen to my body more. Recently, it’s been craving cycling classes and long walks on the weekend. If running or weight lifting doesn’t feel right in the moment; but foam rolling and stretching does – do that!
  • Be in Nature. Take full advantage of this weather while we have it. This means allowing myself, without a subconscious feeling of guilt, to step away from my desk and take a 10-minute stroll or sit in the park to soak up some rays.
  • Unplug & Be Present. Especially with loved ones, show respect by not constantly checking my phone. Live in the moment.
  • Finish a Book: Currently reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 6.53.45 AM.png


LIFESTYLE: I had some fabulous meals this month with a mix of eating out and cooking at home. I visited Inday,  Parker & Quinn, Tanner Smith’s, Cocoron, and my all time favorite Tommy Bahama. I also cooked up some old favorites: Broiled Lemon Salmon, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Mustard Tuna Salad, & Fried Eggs and Spinach.

I also highly recommend reading this article “Love You To Death” by Cazzie David, about why she won’t leave her dad, Larry David, alone. As the youngest child, I am very close to my parents. Best friend status. And while this article was partially sarcastic; I related to her at a very real level. Thinking about the unavoidable future drives me to treasure small things, be present and mindful of every little moment I spend with my parents. I also love the feeling that we’re both aware that they’ve raised a successful, self sufficient adult who still makes time to visit them while balancing the demands of my own life!IMG_5627MIND & SOUL: A key to creating great overall heath is out mindset, habits, and daily practices. Our minds, thoughts, feelings, and self-talk can deeply effect our bodies reactions – both negative and positive. Being aware and how we are thinking is just as important as what we are eating and how much we’re exercising. Choose progress over perfectionIMG_5626CAREER: We juggle a lot don’t we?? Especially when it comes to bettering or furthering ourselves in life, which means that work and life sometimes fuse & mingle; creating a blurred line. This month, I’ve focused on intentionally balancing the work and the life. I think about my priorities and then a plan for that day/week. This may mean leaving later than usual one day, making my meeting-less times at work flexible so I can help others if needed, and booking my post-work cycling classes in advance.

For me, reducing the stress all boils down to catching the anxiety triggers before it’s too late and planning in advance.IMG_5628

SOCIAL: April was a travel-less month, which meant I got to dig myself out of resting hibernation and socialize more! I tried out new restaurants, caught up with friends I haven’t seen in months, and even ventured over to Brooklyn and the Bronx for some exploring out in the sun.IMG_5629

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