Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo), and just like that we’re back to another Monday! This weekend was great, largely in part that the sunshine is back and (hopefully) here to stay.memeI celebrated every bit of this blissful weather – walks, laying in the park, under the sun cocktails, and even watching Netflix outside. Plus, it happened to be Earth Day on Sunday, so this weekend is was just destined to connect us back to what is natural and true.


A crazy workday to say the least. Three team members down, work to be done, and restlessness of the approaching freedom. With that, I knew I had to dig deep and cover all of my bases. I followed my techniques to decrease work stress, which you can read about here: completed & crossed off my To-Do list items, reviewed all of my unread emails, replied to my unanswered/low priority emails from earlier in the week, and ate my lunch outside in front of the Empire State! IMG_5406.JPG

That night I met my close friend at Tanner Smith’s in Midtown. It’s actually a midtown gem: not too touristy, beautiful interior, decently priced, and good food. I got the Grilled Hanger Steak with Brussels Sprout Hash. I haven’t seen my friend Caroline in ages, but whenever we reunite I have so much appreciation for our friendship. Being around others who are driven towards their goals uplifts me in aspects of my life outside of just our friendship. It reminds me why I choose friends carefully. Someone who can support me, encourage me, and hold me accountable. Someone who I can talk to when times get rough and feel vulnerable enough to celebrate when I’m proud. And vise-versa. If I’m entering a new friendship, I need to make sure I have enough energy and space for this person. The last thing anyone wants is a one-sided relationship and I don’t have time for people who, consciously or unconsciously, hold me back from happiness or reaching my goals. Snapseed.jpg


Saturday was a solo day! I kicked off the morning with a 9am cycling class at my gym. Washed my face, did some stretches, and headed out for a Central Park stroll. I grabbed a Dunkin Donuts 2-Espresso shot over ice and added my EAS AdvantEDGE Rich Dark Chocolate Protein Drink (tastes like a Mocha!) It was a beautiful day and I listed to Maddie Moon’s Mind Body Musings Podcast: “Episode 193 Healing the “Not Enough” Wound With These 5 Re-frames“. The one I related too the most was Reframe #5: Moving from “I hate XX about myself” to “XX is absolutely a part of me”

IMG_5498.jpgI headed home, took a shower, made lunch, and headed back outside with my seltzer, Oprah Magazine, and new book “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. This book is funny, honest, and relatable. I’ll write a review when I’m done, but basically each chapter starts off with a common LIE we tell ourselves, how it was prevalent in Rachel’s life, and steps she took to overcoming it.IMG_5413.jpg


Again, an early morning. I had a appointment with my Intuitive Counselor, who helps me understand and heal my own energy. Then I took the M15-SBS Bus downtown to SoHo. I am offically an avid fan of the bus (never thought this would happen), but I watched some Netflix (Blue Bloods is my newest obsession) and had my signature Starbucks dink: Grande Pike Roast, 2 pumps Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce, & a splash of Whole Milk.IMG_5420My friends & I walked around and went into my new favorite store, Bershka, which is a Zara Fashion company. It’s on 580 Broadway. Super trendy, high-quality clothing for reasonable prices.  IMG_5485 (1).JPGWe hopped in a Lyft to Brooklyn for a drag brunch at Bizarre. They have Sunday Brunch at 1pm & 3pm. I got the pre fixe of a bloody mary, 2 eggs, bacon, side salad & asparagus instead of potatoes. The total came out to less than $25 including tip, so I couldn’t complain! And come on, who doesn’t want to spend their Sunday afternoon surrounded by friends, good food, good drinks, jammin’ out to Cher, Nicki Minaj, Whitney Houston, and Lady Gaga with a bunch of drag queens! IMG_5500IMG_5487.jpgIMG_5494After brunch, we walked to Roberta’s and grabbed some drinks! I headed home around 4:30pm and made my way to Whole Foods and Central Park. I settled in a bench right under the sun, ate my Hot Bar Dinner of chicken, roasted cauliflower, grilled onion, and charred carrots and watched an episode of Blue Bloods!

Before heading home I made a pit-stop at H&M and found the cutest hoops I’ve been eyeing – FOR $3!! Couldn’t beat it! Excited to pair these with a simple tee, distressed jeans, and white sneakers in the next few weeks.FullSizeRender 2.jpg I would say guys, pretty  A successful weekend full of self-care, quality time with friends, and lots and lots of sunshine. How was your weekend? IMG_5405.jpg


  1. Such a great weekend! I haven’t been to Bizarre but it sounds incredible! I Love Tanner Smiths! Such a yummy place! I was in love (still am!) with the weather in the city this past weekend. Long overdue! I hope you are able to continue enjoying it! ❤


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