Goodbye March: Another 2018 month, flying by! Can you believe it’s already April? And very surprisingly, it’s currently SNOWING here in New York. I arrived home yesterday morning from spending the most AMAZING week in Japan. The jetlag from a 14-hour flight + 13 hour time difference is OH SO REAL. While I am overwhelmingly grateful for the chance to travel, I am admittedly I’m having a tough time adjusting back to the real world. I could also be slightly delusional because I’ve been up since midnight. 123.JPG

Instead of going through my usual run through of how I’m feeling overall, I feel the need to acknowledge my setbacks over the past 2 months.

2018 has been weird so far. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but old habits have crept back in with a vengeance. And, until this morning I didn’t really care or I was in complete denial. Either way, when I looked in the mirror this morning, the girl staring back at me did not look by myself. She had heavy eyes, puffy cheeks, a swollen full belly, and broken out forehead. She looked sad and like she was hiding secrets.

I’ve dramatically pulled back on the routines that were successful for me in the past. I instead chose to watch Netflix, order delivery, stay up late, and snack at nighttime. I consciously made these decisions, that unfortunately are making me feel mentally and physically disgusting.

I feel like a pain writing this again because it’s been reoccurring topic on the blog and I feel like I’m repeating myself and complaining about the same things. I’m sure you guys feel the same way about certain things in your life too!

I think I’m going to start a similar thing than my Reboot & Refresh series, but make it a little less stressful on myself. While I would LOOVVEEE to lose the 10 pounds I’ve gained (yes. that happened) I know I can’t focus on the scale number. I need to focus on my overall wellness, health, positively, and getting back to feeling like myself. Instead of Reboot & Refresh, I’m ‘re-branding’ to Revive & Refresh.

Here we go!



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