I recently went through an Instagram purge! I try to do this a few times a year where I unfollow accounts that may (unintentionally, of course) lower my self-worth just from comparing and idolizing people! This go around, I went from following 500 to 444. IT FELT GOOD!

In turn, I also rediscovered my favorite Influencers that bring positivity, knowledge, enjoyment, lightheartedness, or just great content! 

Who is you favorite influencer? Share along with me in a comment, so I can get something new for myself! If you want to keep up with me, find me at @syorkk

Be on the look out for another Favorites post of my top Instagram Accounts; ranging from travel, art, fashion, food, beauty, and more.


  1. Eva Chen @evachen – Head of Instagram Fashion Partnerships, Boss Goals, Mom  Extraordinaire, Fashionista
  2. Chinae Alexander @chinaealexander – Body Positive, Informative Health Information, Gym Rat, Skin Care Guru, New Yorker
  3. Danika Brysha @danikabrysha – CEO Model Meals & @modelmeals, Model, ED Recovered, Body Positive, Changing the Food Freedom Game, Educator, Relationship Goals with @culinaryrecovery
  4. Randi Vasquez @burgerstoburpees – Weight Loss Journey, Truthful, Recipes
  5. Sarah Tripp @sassyredlipstick – Fashion Influencer, Traveler, Lover of Designers, Relationship Goals
  6. Candice Huffine @candicehuffine – Model, Body Positive, Designer, Motivator, Runner, New Yorker
  7. Kristie Dash @kristiedash – Content Creator, Fashion Editor, Hilarious, Twenty Something, Hair Goals, BTS FB/Instagram Life
  8. Ashley & Emily @twopeasinaprada – Fashion, Friendship, Affordable Fashion, Millennials
  9. Iskra @iskra – Role Model, Body Positive, No Retouching, Truthful Posts about Media, Culture, Fat Shaming, Supporting Woman
  10. Krista Williams @hundredblog – Sparkly Personality, Podcast @almost30podcast, Lifestyle Blogger, Spirituality Junkie
  11. Kelly LeVeque @bewellbykelly – Author, Holistic Nutritionist, Low Sugar Lifestyle

Art: sophieandlili



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