This weekend, I took a long walk around Central Park and finished listening to this weekends Podcast: Art of Charm Episode 689 with Leo Babauta from Zen Habits.

At the end of the episode, Leo gave the listeners a challenge:

Try five minutes of meditation every day for the next 30 days starting tomorrow as soon as you wake up.” IMG_4114.JPG

The goal of this challenge is to find our mind’s habitual reactions and external escapes (the thoughts and actions that keep us constantly busy). The long term goal is to build a new habit.

You guys know from my last Vent Sesh: A Case of The Blahs, I’ve recently felt disconnected from my routine and practice of morning meditation. This challenge came at the perfect time, right after I recognized and forgave myself for letting this disconnect happen.

It can seem daunting because life is already so busy, but Leo’s challenge allows me to start small and slow. I’m hoping the consistent 5-minute practice can help me gradually build endurance, make the habit stronger; and eventually feel the benefits of meditation.

I started the 30 Day Challenge yesterday, Monday, 3/12 and will go through Wednesday, 4/11.

How I am setting myself up for success:

I printed out Megan Bray’s 30-Day Countdown Sheet from Balancing Home. I’m taping it into one of the notes pages of my food journal.

30 Day Countdown

I’m following Leo’s advise of waking up, restroom, drinking some water, and then diving straight into meditating. No distractions or room for excuses in between.

I use the Insight Timer App (FREE) Timer Setting. You can also use your regular timer, but I like that Insight offers a Starting Bell, Ending Bells, and sounds throughout the 5-minutes.

While I”m in meditation, if I need to erase the running thoughts quickly, I go for the Box Breath Method: inhale 5 seconds, hold my breath for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, hold your breath for 5 seconds, and repeat.

Insight Timer

Have you ever done a meditation challenge or do you currently have a meditation routine? Do you have any tips & tricks? Let me know!


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