I have FINALLY snapped out of the silly BLAH mood I was in for a long 72-hours! From Monday-Wednesday I had no energy,  was delayed in grocery shopping, bought all pre-prepped food, and made excuses for skipping self-care. All I wanted to do after work was watch Friends re-runs in bed. My to-do list went un-checked, texts went un-replied, and I managed three days without human interaction outside of work. Not me at all.

The funniest part of it all is that nothing went terribly wrong, I just felt … BLAH, a subtle exhaustion and feeling like I’m running on empty.


The past four weeks you’ve seen my Reboot & Reset posts, and after all the heights, ability to be honest and vulnerable; I think this BLAH feeling was triggered by feeling of frustration and disappointment after a weekend of indulgences and traveling.

On Monday, I resorted to my old programmed ways of thinking that I was “starting new”: I have to be go-go-go, perfectly execute my Reboot & Reset plan, and felt pressure to hit the gym even though I was obviously tired. The result? The BLAH feeling, burnout, and  the in-denial behaviors listed above.

LIGHT BULB MOMENT – I guess a BLAH feeling is always a little more once you dig, amiright?!

It’s currently Friday and I’m feeling back to my normal self! I can’t say I did anything magical or  revolutionary. The shift was in my mindset, and I consciously decided to just RIDE THE WAVE, LET GO & SURRENDER. I didn’t force myself to do anything and took this blah-ness as a sign that I need to hibernate and take it slow. You guys know this was hard for me, especially as a perfectionist.

I didn’t journal, meditate, or go grocery shopping. Instead, I slept, worked from home, bought Cambell’s Soup, slowly unpacked, and went to cycling classes.

Next time you’re stuck in the BLAHS, remember how important it is to just let things be as they are. We can get so caught up in the doing and trying to accomplish our goals that we don’t always remember to surrender and allow things to flow.

3 thoughts on “VENT SESH: A CASE OF THE ‘BLAHS’

  1. Oh girl I can relate! Some days I seriously just feel ‘blah’ and unproductive. It’s like my body is actively going ‘no’ every time my mind wants to start doing something. But totally agree with letting go and surrendering. I’m a perfectionist too and it’s so easy to put pressure on yourself, but I find the more I do that, the more my body resists!
    Hope you had some rest and feel like kicking goals again! xx


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