HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m sure a bunch of you can relate – I spend just as much time (if not more) at my desk than I do relaxing at home. When I moved cubes a few months ago, I decided I wanted to design my space with positive energy, brighten up the bland tan space, and add feminine touches.

Having a beautiful, organised and inspiring work space has an enormous impact on my productivity, and in turn my happiness at work.IMG_3340.jpg

If you are anything like me, then you are strongly impacted by your surroundings. I made my space representative of my personality: fun, welcoming, encouraging, and cheerful.

See below for a peak into my home away from home! IMG_3344

Above: Images of friends/travel adventures, framed family picture, dream catcher, Stevias,  my daily To-Do list in a spiral notebook, my personal calendar IMG_3346

Above: More pictures of friends/co-workers, plastic succulent plant from Target, letter S metal balloon (gift), mirror from Target & painted plate by ME! IMG_3341

Above: on the top shelf we have some fun gifts: mugs, Shine On sign, “S” cup, perfume & boxes where I keep my snacks, tupperware IMG_3548

My amazing co-worker made me this Kris Jenner Head Bitch In Charge sign. It cracks me up everyday. IMG_3546

The week is OVER! YAY for making it through & on to the weekend! 


What space inspires your best work? I’d love to hear from you! ☺


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