Goodbye January: Reflecting on the first month of 2018, I realized I’ve had an extremely productive month with lots of small wins! Happy to say I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in the past four weeks, regardless of the unavoidable rough patches: I kicked off my Reboot & Reset, reached out to old friends, spent time with family, and made my long-distance relationship a priority. And I finished it off with (anxiously) making this blog public on my Instagram!

RANDOM, BUT AMAZING: If you’re in the Northeast, check out January’s New Yorker Magazine cover – TOO ACCURATE & RELATABLE!


  • Lifestyle: I found some new very yummy snacks & meal flavor enhancers the last few weeks! While you know I’m 90% into whole foods, sometimes you gotta spice things up with artificial flavorings. See below for some of my fun buys. I also had some time to Netflix this month, my current obsessions being: Grace & Frankie Season 4, Black Mirror, Travelers. Plus, always rewatching NCIS & Friends.


  • Mind/Soul: I’m quickly learning the value of sleep. My sleep schedule has been a little off and I find myself exhausted at 9:30 pm. Instead of giving myself the sleep my body is asking for, I keep ignoring it and futzing around on my phone until 11 pm or midnight. Definitely want to start putting my phone down earlier and read before I go to sleep.
  • Career: Since joining the “real world” I’ve found that I spend a lot of time in a forward moving frame of mind. Though tangible accomplishments are an incredibly positive aspect of life, it can cause negative repercussions. This month, I’ve been trying to give myself super simple phrases of self encouragement at work and bring an awareness to the present moment.
  • Social: It’s been just over three weeks since I’ve seen the boy, and I miss him like crazy. I can’t wait until I get to see him again in a few weeks! I’ve been thinking a lot about long distance relationships, I feel like the the magic happen when you’re both consciously aware that you’re moving in the same direction at the same time. Even if you’re not together in the same place. It’s about connectedness and sharing experiences with each other.

JPEG image-B0117B83B06B-2Hello February:  Looking back at the last few Reflections & Intentions posts, the last few months have been constant ups and downs; struggling with what I “should” do, what I “need” to do, and what I really want to do. My goals for this month will help me enjoy this journey:

  1. Make a Contract for the Bachelorette Party: I forge contracts with myself as a reminder & accountability for upcoming events that have the potential to hurt my happiness and keeping the focus on the weekend/social aspect, rather than on other things.
  2. Prioritize Sleep & Morning Meditation: Phone down at least 15 minutes before you go to sleep and meditate for 5-7 minutes in the morning
  3. Monitor my Spending
  4. Go on a Solo Date

What are you most proud of that you did in the month of January? What excites you about the coming month? And what changes do you want to make going forward? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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