This last weekend I went to visit my BESTEST friend who lives in Tampa, FL – we’ll call her K. Along with L, she’s 1/3 of the #NewYearNewCity crew, so far we’ve been to Chicago, Nashville, London, Boston, New York, & Tampa.

Nothing makes me prouder than seeing this girl living her dreams and winning. We became BFFs in our 7th grade science class and can’t imagine my life without her.

We took it very easy this weekend. As in, I don’t really have new recommendations because we spent the weekend watching Criminal Minds, living off Starbucks and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. You can see my first Tampa Travel Chronicles HERE


Ascend Salon & Spa K got me a surprise blowout which was amazingly done! Highly recommend going here for  hair & lashes. The interior is BEAUTIFUL, I met the owner and told her I want to move in or have her design my house one day.


Hula Bay – After our blowouts, we went to Hula Bay for a nice heavily poured glass of red wine ($8). The bar sits right on the water to watch the boats. I’m sure during prime time this place is packed!


Miguel’s Mexican Seafood & Grill – This place is great. It was a first visit for both of us!  We came here Saturday night and it was the perfect way to end my trip! After waiting about 30 minutes, we were seated outside complete with a waterfall, twinkle lights, outdoor bar, and heating – such a good ambiance! The waiter quickly came over with complementary tortilla chips (who can argue with that!) K got a margarita and was not super impressed, I was apparently in a wine mood this whole weekend, so got another Red Blend. I got the Carne Asada (8oz skirt steak, topped with grilled onions, bell peppers & tomatoes. Served with hand made corn tortillas, mexican rice, frijoles charros, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo.) I skipped the rice and opted for extra pico, but enjoyed the authentic corn tortillas!


Fresh Kitchen – Out of all the places to go in Florida, I made K bring me here twice. And I got the same exact things both times. Kale Slaw, Cauli-potato mash, Roasted Broccoli, Mushrooms, Almond Crusted Chicken Tenders, and Kale Pesto Sauce. OH MMMM GEEE it was so good guys. Go here now.


S Howard Ave – NIGHTLIFE! We hopped around on Friday night. It was a good time! The music was very top 40 hits, we walked around, people watched, and danced. next time definitely want to check on St. Pete’s (the town over) nightlife which I’ve heard is very fun!


And to top it off ….. don’t judge. 

Jimmy John’s – Another place you may be like ‘Sarah, why are you telling me about a sandwich place?‘ We up here in the NE don’t have Jimmy John’s sadly so every time I go to Tampa I make K take me there so I can get an Unwich aka a no bread,  lettuce wrapped sandwich. They’re amazing.

Cheesecake Factory – YES. This is on the list. Only because it was my first time at Cheesecake Factory and K & I had a gift card. We both got mojitos (which were HUGE). Then I got a bunless burger with roasted broccoli instead of fries!


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