I just got back from a fabulous weekend in Florida with my best friend! On the way back, I reread some of my posts about recovery. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, my growth over the past two years has been astonishing: increased confidence, worthiness, and happiness. Decreased focus on physical looks and caring about what others think of me.


While this is amazing; there is a whole other side to “the journey.” It’s being HEALTHY by preventing or improving preexisting illnesses.

I’ve watched others battle conditions tied to weight. I find myself thinking, if they made small adjustments at the onset of the conditions, they probably would’ve improved the quality and quantity of their life. When I was severely overweight I had insulin resistance and constant joint pain. 40 pounds later, all of that was gone!

Basically what I’m trying to say is: it’s not always about the looks.

So why am I writing this? I’ve slipped off the health wagon. I promised myself if I got up to a certain number on the scale, I would reevaluate my situation and follow a  structured plan for a few weeks. My mindset has been wishy-washy the past few weeks. I’ve admittedly given into temptation more than usual.


So, starting today, Monday 1/22 I am starting back on The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol for four weeks and also limiting alcohol to once a week. I will also do a weekly recap post every Monday. 

This is me re-committing to improving my HEALTH.

IMPORTANT: I did IP successfully two years ago. Back then, it was primarily about looks. After I found success physically, but still had the same thoughts mentally, I shifted my focus to my ED and improving my mental health (which I did – YAY!) If this “diet” starts intruding with my ED Recovery in anyway, I will reevaluate again. I am openly taking to my therapist about this, so while I will not be consuming some foods (which could seem like restricting) – this is all temporary are really just a reset.

While doing this, my intention is also to tell myself positive affirmations along the way:

  • “I will lead a life of health”
  • “I am determined”
  • “I have hope”
  • “I invest in my health”
  • “I listen with love to my body’s messages.”

We all have the opportunity to look in to the future through a crystal ball and say that we made the effort to do our part to be healthy. Today, I am taking a step to focus on the improved health aspect over the physical looks.

weight week 0: 172lbs

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