I was never a podcast junkie, but guys I’m now OBSESSED. My commutes to work, time on the stair master, Sunday meal preps, and walks in Central Park have become so much more enjoyable since I’ve started listening.

They’re a great way to broaden your knowledge of almost any topic: business, advice, confidence, wellness, health, or you can listen to fun stories like murder mysteries or true funny stories that are submitted anonymously.


Below is a list of my favorite Podcasts. I know there are a TON more out there, so I would love to hear your favorites!

Almost 30 Podcast: Krista & Lindsey are basically my best friends, they just don’t know it yet haha. Almost 30 is my go-to podcast for everything life related: wellness, intuition, growth, & health. They have rockstar guests that share their rials and tribulations, accomplishments, and life-changing lessons that have helped them grow. HIGHLY recommend.

Goal Digger: Jenna is awesome! She is incredibly resourceful and I love listening to her episodes that are business related. It’s practical and tangible advice.  I always walk away  with something that I can implement in some way.

The Daily Boost: There are 9k Daily Boosts! This 9-minute podcast comes out everyday and is perfect for my morning commute to work.

Untame the Wild Soul: Elizabeth is incredibly resourceful and truly a breath of fresh air. On her website, she says her “deepest desire now is to help women get out of their heads and into their bodies to reconfigure our current body image culture and make self-love, trust and acceptance the new standards.” I especially love her Sunday Sermons.

The Stellar Life Podcast: Orion is funny, sassy, and so real. On the website she describes her podcasts as there to “help alpha women awaken their inner goddess.” She says “you deserve to have it ALL. Say yes to living “stellar” so you can feel more sexy, juicy and alive!”

The Balanced Blonde: Jordan has the best guests and her line of questions are so thoughtful. So many helpful tips. She has a great perspective on life, mindfulness, health, balance, and healing.

Recovery Warriors Podcast: This podcast helped me so much in the beginning of my ED Recovery. Jessica’s mission is to “live with compassion, connection, commitment, and courage.”

Compulsive Overeating Diary: Laurie is so inspiring to me because it serves as a great reminder that everyone is on their own journey. There is no one single path to get to where you want to be or what you want to create in this life. Laurie is not only working on weight loss, but overcoming her compulsive eating, which I relate too. She is 110% truthful about her journey and always takes the time to reflect on her experiences.

NEW SERIES ALERT! MY FAVORITES will include all things I like, am fan-girling over, and that I actually use/listen too/consume everyday!

What FAVORITES do you want to see?

15 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE: PODCASTS

    1. YESS! I grew up listening to NPR, so very excited for this recommendation! Just downloaded the ep on Instagram, can’t wait to give it a listen!


  1. Podcasts I listen to:

    Tiny Leaps Big Changes
    Inner Effort
    Compulsive Overeating Diary
    Dave Ramsey
    Jocko Podcast
    The Mentee
    Wait Wait don’t Tell Me
    The Disc Golf Podcast


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