Goodbye 2017: WE MADE IT! 2017 was an interesting year for me. My word of 2017 was AWARENESS; awareness of my stress levels, true happiness, qualities I’m attracted too, amount of negative self-talk, unconscious judgments, etc. Read more about ditching Resolutions & instead choosing a Word Of The Year here.


Lifestyle: I learned how to balance my priorities: Mind/Soul, Recovery, Career & Social Life. 2016 was 100% dedicated to my recovery, this year was a step outside of that. Filled with trips, reconnecting with a past boyfriend, starting Mindfully Sarah, starting a new job, navigating social interactions, new roommate, and risk taking.

Mind/Soul: I learned the importance of self-awareness. That I am enough. I am worthy. I am strong. When I show up for myself, I am unstoppable. I am able to approach tricky situations mindfully, distract myself from urges, and support others.

Career: I learned not to limit myself. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, people (including senior management) will notice when you’re doing more. And that more I’m speaking of, doesn’t mean staying in the office late. It should not interrupt your work/life balance. More means getting your work done plus putting a focus on being helpful to others, speaking up with new ideas or improvements, introducing yourself to office newbies, smiling at everyone in the hallway & being attentive of different personalities.

Social: I learned I’m an Extroverted Introvert.  My happiness raises around people, but know I need along time to recharge after it (my social batteries drain very fast). This is what encouraged me to write about why it’s good to Practice Saying NoHello 2018I’m excited! I expect 2018 to have ebs and flows. I will be challenged, beaten down, and emotionally empty at times. As I wrote here: Progress is not linear. Every stumbling block is a building block that requires patience, time, determination, HOPE, perseverance, and attention.

I INTEND TO: keep my eyes WIDE OPEN to witness all of the fierce moments of happiness, grace, purpose, laughter, togetherness, and love that surrounds me.

I INTEND TO: choose authenticity over approval.

I INTEND TO: practice radical self-celebration. Allow myself to be loved, accept and believe in the complements I’m given, take myself out for dates.

I INTEND TO: let go of any remaining low confidence, fear & doubt.

I INTEND TO: let go on my need for control and step into surrender.

I INTEND TO:  manifest the life I desire.

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