Raise your hand if today is the most Mondayest Tuesday ever? I am back at work today, and reflecting on this weekend quite a bit!

My weekend was filled with laughter, friends, family, Christmas movies, hugs, jokes, and new memories; but also caused a shift in my normal routine, increased cravings, self criticism, and pressure to be festive and indulge.


Sometimes things just don’t go the way we want them too. And no matter how much we plan in advance, obstacles sneak their way in and take advantage of our vulnerability.

I was crushed yesterday that I ‘failed‘ at sticking to my plan and goals for this holiday weekend. There were feelings of disappointment and embarrassment darting around my head. But, after a conversation with my mom – I remembered progress is not linear. Every stumbling block is a building block. 


The best Christmas present I could’ve asked for is having a 100% truthful conversation with my mom. I needed the reminder that the holidays are daunting for most people and recovery is a time-consuming and extremely difficult thing to overcome. It requires patience, time, determination, HOPE, perseverance, and attention. 

Let’s go into this week knowing we are all worthy and in control. We are all stronger than any of our demons or bad habits!

How was your holiday weekend?


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