I have this tendency where I try to predict the future in order to reduce the unexpected. Though helpful in (rare) emergencies, it keeps me constantly guarded and ready to defend. My brain likes to think too fast and anticipate too much. I’ve told you my word of 2018 is JUMP, and that means more appreciation of the moment, taking things as they come, and acceptance.

I woke up this morning a little stressed. Pulled my neck in my sleep, needed to pack for the Christmas weekend, anticipating being surrounded by holiday treats at work, already pissed off about finding a seat on a packed train later today, should I make a post on Mindfully Sarah, and will I finish everything at work today?


In short, I felt completely overwhelmed. Then, I sat down with my coffee and took a DEEP, INTENTIONAL, FULFILLING breath and told myself, “it’s okay Sarah, it’s just another Friday-Sunday. It will all work out.” I accepted and was aware of how I was feeling.

Acceptance has an immediate positive effect, both internally and externally. So as I enter the holiday weekend, I’m offering complete acceptance and gratitude to being spontaneous, my slow progress, my recovery, my hectic life, and the good, bad and ugly.

I hope that this helps anyone who may be feeling stressed as well. Give a present to yourself TODAY, take a minute to breathe and acknowledge one thing you’re thankful for right now. Forgive yourself for any guilt and anxiety that lives inside you. Trust that what’s coming will work out exactly how it’s supposed too, without you having complete control. Celebrate the small wins. They are the building blocks of long term success.

I’m wishing you a happy, successful, fun, memorable, relaxed, holiday weekend!


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