Did I Succeed? Weekend Recap & PSA to Quiet the Diet Talk

Happy Tuesday friends! If you read my post from Friday, Planning For Success, you knew I had a pretty jammed packed weekend consisting of a lot of tricky obstacles. Overall, I would call it a success! I went in confident, alert, & prepared for unexpected moments to happen.

Friday night was the law school graduation party. The food choices were easy, and I was able to easily distract myself from any temptations by socializing and meeting new people. We ended up being there until midnight, so I didn’t make it back in time to go out to the bars. Which in hindsight was SUCH a better decision.


Sunday morning I woke up at my parents’ nice and early, walked my dog, made a MONSTER sized cup of coffee, and breakfast!

  • Side note: I have to tell you about my new favorite breakfast combo: savory bowls. Should I do a whole post on savory bowl ideas yes or no?? Mine was: Spinach base, cut two hard boiled eggs in half, cut a Harry and David’s pear into thick slices (if you’ve never gotten a H&D Gift Basket – just click there and buy one, they’re AMAZING) and topped with a sprinkle of feta cheese, salt & pepper.  I got the inspo from Mario Batali’s Instagram

My mom and I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon getting ready for family to come over. My mom always has the best au d’oeuvres: hummus, fresh veggies, olives, cheese, salted nuts, gherkin pickles and Terra chips. Then we sat down and had a gorgeous spread of: lemon rosemary chicken, poached salmon with dill sauce, and grilled vegetables. When the time came for dessert is was a little tricky, because I felt my mood shift around the presence of carbs, sugar, and comments that came with dessert being served. Read vent below:


From Thanksgiving to New Years is more of a battleground than anything. It’s not that I don’t want to go to the family dinner, happy hour, or work party – it’s that I would rather skip the potential battle rather than go through something I know comes with triggering food and commentary.

I am going to write a whole post on this, but in short: listening to peoples food, food habits, and food options, is VERY triggering for me. In today’s society, people can get unconsciously obsessive, opinionated, and comparative about food.

My one request to everyone, especially some people very close to me would be: please stop talking about the food. You do not need to justify your eating habits for anyone. Just because you’ve decided to adopt one way of doing something doesn’t mean you need to preach it. If you are sensitive to certain foods or not eating certain foods because you’re on a “diet” or lifestyle change, I recommend to do what’s best for you in silent. Don’t buy it, don’t eat it, don’t make other people feel guilty for enjoying it. If you feel the need to talk about it, make a blog about it (like me!) Though you may be unaware, your comments are only reinforcing the thin ideal. 

Not going to lie. This did come up on Sunday during brunch. I became visibly uncomfortable and angry when someone at the table was talking about her dietary restrictions and how I also “can’t” digest sugar well, and made the decision that I wouldn’t have a doughnut or a piece of cake. The statement she made was completely legitimate, I wouldn’t have eaten the cake when placed in front of me, but the topic doesn’t need to be brought up.

After the lunch successfully ended, a friend came over we watched Nexflix’s Christmas Inheritance and had a glass of wine. The perfect ending to a successful weekend!

How was yours? Do anything fun?

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