The Resilient City: Manhattan & Reacting to Current Events

I was planning to write a lighthearted post today about the uniqueness of spending the holidays in New York City. The snowy trees, sidewalks lined with pre-cut Christmas trees, window decorations, and lines of wreath dressed doorways.

Instead, during rush hour this morning, a man attempted to set up a pipe bomb in Port Authority Bus Terminal. Unsurprisingly, the event shifted the content of this post.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Luckily, there were no causalities and the suspect is in custody. My office is less than a 10 minute walk from Port Authority, I knew something was up when we passed by the 42nd Street Subway Station and it was eerily empty.

When I got in the office and opened my phone – there were so many different stories, so many distractions, & so many rumors.

I had to take my own advice, which I wrote about after the October Vegas attack in my post A Sad World: Being Cautious Without Allowing Fear to Overcome: “Be cautious. Be alert, pay attention to your surroundings, trust your gut if something feels off. But also don’t forget to live each day to it’s absolute potential.”

I live in one of the most compact cities in the world, and will not let terrorist dictate my life. Although incidents like these are terrifying, I constantly return to my point above. I can be cautious, but cannot let these terrorist win or dictate my life and my decisions.

There is too much sadness and human suffering happening around the world. This holiday season I hope for clarity, peace, unity, and that Manhattan city is safe for all of us to enjoy its beauty.

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