ROOM MAKEOVER: Redecorating my NYC Living Room

Yesterday was our first snowy Saturday in New York City, and I’m took advantage of it by decluttering my living room that we just redecorated.

The update was mostly inspired by the fact that on December 1st, my new roommate moved in – so exciting! I wanted to update the space to represent both of our personalities, our creativity, and freedom of expression.

This may seem odd, but I deemed this project very important to my mental health. My December Goal was to make sure my recovery is priority, and part of that is adopting a cleaner and more focused lifestyle.


Below is a before & after picture. Some things that I wanted to change from my old setup: don’t get a white rug if everyone needs to walk across it to get to the bedrooms, keep as much empty space as possible, & declutter.

I live in a six-floor walk up. It AIN’T easy. I want to walk into my apartment after a long day of work and feel thankful, feel relieved, feel 0% stress. I love LOVE LOVE my new living room. This mini-update has definitely been a worthy endeavor and the ongoing results lift me up.


I followed some of my own tips, which you can read here in Design Tips for your Small Apartment:

  • Keep Open Space
  • Creative Touches: This was the big update to the living room. I love navy blue tied in with metallics, so I invested in a new rug (Amazon) and pillows (Marshall’s). Then, my roommate brought her bar cart, TV stand (Target), mirrors, and Coffee Table Books including, Oh She Glows, The Happy Cook, The French Market Cookbook, and Nutrition Striped.
  • Pick Metallic Accents: We added pops of silver and gold to the living room. The pillows have silver thread, which goes with the silver nailheads on the couch , and silver lamp (both Bob’s Furniture). Then, there’s gold on the bar cart and mirrors.
  • Avoid Clutter: It’s honestly such a good feeling to come home to cleanliness, space, clean lines and as much brightness as I can possibly have. This is New York, we don’t have much space, but that’s why I’ve avoided clutter.  I do prefer a less-is-more simplistic look.


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