My body gets so used to go-go-go pace that I tend to sacrifice REST. When writing my December Goals, I realized that in order to stay consistently mindful, productive, and present; I need to prioritize my recovery. A huge piece of my recovery is rest.

There are so many things we may need a rest from: A rest from routine. A rest from long work days. A rest from friends & family (even people we love.) A rest from social events. A rest from exercise. A rest from social media. A rest from texting.

After we rest, we can reflect on gratitude, appreciation, love, awareness; and recharge, heal, and thrive.


Rest is something I need to learn to do better, to recognize the benefits that come with resting on purpose, without my body forcing it upon me.

If you sympathize with me, and have a go-go-go default setting, I recommend first observing your sleep schedule. We NEED adequate sleep. It’s obvious my lack of sleep the past two months has made me lethargic and unfocused. The past few days I’ve tried going to bed earlier (aiming for 7 – 7.5 hours) and I’ve been so impressed with my increased energy, mind clarity, I’m less cranky, and ability to make better choices.

No matter how much is going on this month: to-do-lists, social plans, holiday parties, holiday shopping; try to keep your self-care routine a priority and I PROMISE everything else will fall into place so much easier: sleep, rest, exercise, good food, cleanliness, mindfulness, gratitude, self compassion and quality time with loved ones.

What does rest look like to you? What does it feel like to you? What do you need a rest from?

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