I spent this year’s Halloween weekend in Austin, TX and it quickly made it’s way into my Top 3 US Cities. If you’re getting the travel itch to go somewhere with a positive atmosphere, good vibes and mellow thoughts – check out Austin!

Let’s taco ‘bout how good the FOOD is in Austin

BeFunky Collageq.jpg

  • Torchy’s Tacos: Torchy’s may or may not have been my favorite part of my Austin experience. I got the “The Democrat” (barbacoa, avocado, cotija cheese, cilantro, onions, tomatillo sauce on corn tortilla), “The Migas” (eggs, tortilla chips, green chiles, avocado, pico, cheese, tomatillo sauce) & the “#6 Classic Breakfast Taco” (spinach, egg, bacon on a corn tortilla). HOLY YUM!
  • L’estelle House: One of the cutest, coziest, outdoor brunch spots I’ve ever been too. It’s decked out with shady trees, heat lamps, long picnic tables and string lights. You order from the menu at the window and pick any spot in the garden to sit. I got the Potato and Bacon Hash with two sunny side up eggs and it was so yummy and the perfect way to start the day!
  • VooDoo Doughnut: Obviously had to stop. I stuck to the simple Cinnamon Sugar Crueller, and we got the Pot Hole (cream filled chocolate bar topped with Oreo cookies and a trail of frosting). Can’t lie – a little sweet for me, but still delish!
  • 24 Diner: You may think, what are you doing at a diner on vacation? It was after a night out, but the food did NOT disappoint, even at 3:30am! Before we mentioned it, our Lyft driver even said it’s his favorite place in the city. Plus, the waiters and waitresses were so nice & attentive.
  • PunchBowl Social: This place is more than a restaurant. It’s a bar, bowling alley, karaoke, adults Chuckie Cheeze – all thrown together. I mean – there’s even virtual reality stations! We ordered the Lobster Bacon French Fries (yes, you ready that right). It was memorable.
  • B. D. Riley’s Irish Pub: We went to 6th Street to BD Riley’s for Sunday brunch to watch the Patriot’s football game (it’s the Austin Pats bar) and the food ended up being really good! Plus, couldn’t complain that the $20 oz beers are $4.00 on game days! I got the Breakfast Irish Boxty, which was a potato pancake stuffed with cheese and bacon, then topped with 2 sunny side up eggs.


  • Graffiti Park: Everyone needs to go here right now. You can even purchase your own spray paint and add your mark on the graffitied walls. I had so much fun just walking around, looking at the art, and snatching some A+ Instagram shots!

BeFunky Collage0.jpg

  • Capital Cruses: I was lucky enough to be surprised with a private dinner cruise (best surprise EVER). You’re brought down to your Duffy Boat, can pre-arrange dinner from the Hyatt (we got the Fajitas and it was surprisingly delicious), bring you own wine/beer, start bumping your music – then you’re off! You drive your own boat on Lady Bird Lake for two hours. We just hung out and watched the sunset, but if you’re lucky, you can catch the bats fly around the Anne W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge (fun fact: Austin is home of the largest urban bat colony in the world.)

BeFunky Collage6.jpg

  • Mount Bonnell: This is the highest point in Austin overlooking the Colorado River. It’s really easy to get too, you climb up 100 or so rock steps, and totally worth the beautiful view!

BeFunky Collage3

  • The Domain: Talk about a one-stop-shop. The Domain is HUGE shopping center (amazing stores), restaurants, bars, parking, live music, all in one area. It’s also residential and a work environment, which is pretty cool!
  • Barton Springs Pool: The Springs Pool is super unique, it’s a huge natural pool in the middle of the Austin. It’s $3 a person, lots of parking, and a ton of space to sunbathe, swim, jump of the diving board, or just people watch!
  • Facebook Offices: Not really a touristy place, but the person I was visiting works there. I had to see the monumental Tiny Facebook Desk (they have one in every office) and just feel the Facebook office vibes for myself! You can tell they really value their culture, cultivate personal expression and encourage employees to have fun.

BeFunky Collage8

Have you ever been to Austin?


  1. One of the best posts for recommendations for Austin I’ve found so far! I feel like I don’t know how I’ve surviving without lobster bacon fries LOL I’m bookmarking this for my trip to Austin in March 🙂


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