Arn’t Sundays just the best? No matter where we are, our religious beliefs, political views, I think we can all agree the best Sundays are spent resting, rejuvenation, preparation, and reflection. It’s the day to tell ourselves: “I am enough, I do enough, let me shut down for a few hours and do something to refuel this amazing body that is non-stop all week.”

Yesterday, I woke up nice and early (literally the crack of dawn. no idea why/how this happened) but I decided to make the best of it.

I started the morning by making a hot coffee in my favorite, worn-out ‘Relax’ Mug. I keep it simple: boil water + Starbucks Via instant coffee + Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup + a dash of cream.

I lit my new Apple Spice candle from WoodWick. It crackles as it burns, which is the most soothing sound ever, especially living in a city where 90% of the background noise is alarms, honking, and yelling.

Next, I put on my TONYMOLY Purifying Korean Face Mask and set my timer to 30-minutes. The cooling sensation woke me up instantly. As an added plus, my mood was boosted instantly just knowing I was taking the time to care for my body.


Lastly, I finally got to spend some mindful quality time with my journal, thoughts, and Oprah’s new book “The Wisdom of Sunday’s.”


Curling up in bed with my journal is my most cherished part of my self-love routine. I use journaling for self-expression and self-evaluation. It can be frightening seeing my thoughts come to life once they’re on paper. Especially when the dots of my life start connecting to one another. A moment I forgot about or thought was insignificant is actually tied to an unconscious judgment or action (wrote more about this here). There’s a lot of mud to dig through in our experiences as humans. However, the lessons learned, self discoveries, and documentation I’ve been left with is priceless.

After journaling for about 30-minutes, I ended my morning with a little wisdom from my best friend Oprah. I opened up to a random page in her new book that takes the aha moments from her show “Super Soul Sunday’s” and puts them on paper. I landed on page 62, a message straight from the source herself speaking about mindfulness:

“Staying present is the reason … I still have aha moments. Meaningful things happen when you release the anxious thoughts and negative chatter in your head and tune in to what the person in front of you is saying. Slowing down, showing up, and listening to your child, spouse, parent, or friend shows them they have been seen and heard by you. Not only are you providing validation when they need it most, you are consciously creating your own spiritual practice.” – Oprah



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