Goodbye October: It amazes me more & more how fast life goes by, and because of that I’ve been trying to take more time to enjoy the little moments. My three main goals in October were to make health a priority, structure my nights out so I didn’t get drunk/hungover so easily (25 year-old probs) and lower my expectations. And I did it – even with all of the trips, a gala, an injury, informational interviews, and a family emergency.


  • Lifestyle: Life was on fast-forward this month. I was traveling like a crazy person, injured my foot after creating such a great workout routine, and unfortunately the emotional roller coaster ended with me self-sabotaging on Halloween by subsidizing candy for a protein bar extravaganza. I did get frustrated and self-criticized myself that I ended such a successful month this way, with a yummy ache and no satisfaction. I recognize that this is a habit. Every time I purchase protein bars when I’m mindful place, I need to remind myself there will be ebbs & flows and I will use those bars to self-sabotage, but if I don’t buy them, it won’t happen.
  • Mind/Soul: I am actually very proud of the progress I made with going into situations with no expectations and not trying to hypothesize the end result. I’ve learned the biggest keys to happiness for me are to stay present, let go of expectations. Choose happy thoughts and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  • Career: Really have settled into my new role. Completed a successful product launch which I’ve been working on since I started this new role in June – very exciting! Also was given the opportunity to present a summary about the launch & the marketing campaign to my total marketing team. I used to have the WORST fear of public speaking. In college, I literally had an anxiety attack and thought I was going to pass out… multiple times. This go-around I was a little nervous initially, but KILLED it when I got up in front of those 60 people! Also got to attend The Knot’s gala in the beginning of October, it was beautiful!
  • Social: As I said, October was a juggling month. I had my Aruba trip, birthday parties, runs with friends, happy hours, and ended the month with a reunion with this person. I am so grateful for all of the people in my life: the friends, co-workers, family, acquaintances. They keep my extroverted self thriving I swear haha.


Hello November: Where has the year gone? I can’t’ believe I’m saying November. Time to say farewell to the colors of fall, and get ready to welcome the chill of winter, warm drinks and being surrounded by friends & family. With all of the fun also comes the worst time of the year for disordered eating: parties, office snacks, and holiday dinners. I’m determined to not fall victim to those this year and keep my long term goals in mind while keeping my short term in check.

Since I have a new roommate starting in December, I want to use this month to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. Starting with decluttering, tossing/donating whatever I haven’t worn in over 6-months, cleaning underneath furniture and clearing off counter tops.

And lastly, I want to surround myself with thankfulness. Everything will not always work perfectly; but I have clean water, plethora of food options, thriving career, roof over my head, option to buy new clothes, supportive friends, and a close relationship with my parents. The list can obviously go on infinitely. The little bumps and struggles will not disseminate my gratitude this month.

Do you have anything fun to look forward to in November? Any goals?


  1. This is a really refreshing and uplifting post to read! I love how you’ve taken a self-reflection and shared it with your followers! My plans for the month are to focus on my own feelings and well-being. Try not to spread myself too thin, and know where saying “no” to doing some things is okay. Another goal is to just simply “do” instead of overthink all the “what if’s.” Happy November 🙂


    1. Thank you! Love the goal of not speaking yourself too thin, especially as we approach the holidays that is tough – but doable for sure! Good luck 🙂


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