Staying Positive Through Injuries

I’m sitting at work reflecting on the last few days. My current situation has me all kinds of pouty, and I’m ready to choose a different mindset.

On Saturday, I ran a 5K which went great! It was a beautiful day, good people & supported a great cause. I even went to a 45-minute cycling class later that day. A few hours later, the outside of my foot started throbbing followed by bruising and pain. I spent Sunday night in urgent care getting X-Rays, and (thankfully) finding out I just have a strain, not a fracture. Woke up early Monday morning only to go to the dentist to get Novocaine, poked and drilled. Limped my way into work; cranky, and just pissed off at the whole situation.

Today I’m choosing a different mindset. I’m not going to let an injury impact my happiness, goals, or productivity. It’s just altering the current course and I have to find different ways to navigate.

It’s tough for me to relax. I’m a busy-bee, fast-paced city walker, and love my cycling classes. Just as important as all these things are to my life; if I’m not healed, I won’t be able to do them with ease and enjoyment. Letting myself rest isn’t easy. Honestly, it’s a mild torture, but is a necessary evil to getting better quicker.

Sometimes you just have to let go of the things you can’t control. Unfortunately, I may have to give up running races because they’re not doing great things to my feet or knees. Things are just up in the air right now. I want to get back to the gym ASAP, but I know I need to rest. But really, big picture, this is nothing. It could’ve been so much worse, and the pain is just temporary. And believe it or not, maybe a blessing in disguise.

2 thoughts on “Staying Positive Through Injuries

  1. Ugh – this same exact situation happened to me when I fractured the side of my foot a few months ago 😦 it was tough to go through the summer on crutches and in a boot! But before you know it, you will forget about the pain/how you feel now and you will be back to your regular routine!! Take the extra time you now have to do some hobbies you love 🙂


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